longspur - Northumberland


found one Lapland longspur just now in a large flock of snow buntings and horned larks on Stonebridge rd; south of Callahan and just north of the tiny Ballard Rd connector to west river. this is not far from where Al had one yesterday. there were only crows at the manure spread north of Callahan today. lots of fresh manure on both sides of Stonebridge at this spot further south and the flock was actively moving around between different patches, but good views especially when they came out to the road shoulder. 
gregg recer
malta NY


I also had at least one Lapland Longspur on Stonebridge Rd. this morning though I didn't run into Gregg while I was there.  I actually didn't see any Longspurs until I looked at my pics later.  I've attached a heavily cropped photo of one below. 

John H.