Glaucous Gull, Snow Buntings, Snow Goose and Pine Grosbeaks


This morning my sister and I observed the previously reported immature Glaucous Gull amongst a large group of more common gulls from the first pull out on Crescent Cohoes Rd along the Mohawk River. Yesterday we had over 20 Pine Grosbeaks at the Saratoga National Cemetery. They were feeding in crab apples across from the Information Center as you exit. In the corn fields across from the cemetery was a flock of Snow Buntings. Earlier in the day I had about 30 Pine Grosbeaks in the trees across the parking lot from Wild Birds Unlimited. By the time I left the store, they had left. We also had snow buntings on route 67 across from Hanahan's Dairy Farm in Saratoga Springs. Earlier my sister had a flock of Horned lLarks there as well. In this same field was one Snow Goose in a flock of close to 200 Canada Geese. It was very well camouflaged in the snow. I've also been seeing Pine Siskins on a daily basis in my yard in the town of Stillwater. I've been to the Clifton Park Library a couple of times to look for the previously reported Red Crossbills without success. 
Susan Beaudoin