Cohoes Flats- 8/3


Shorebird activity continues to ramp up in our region. Early this morning (6:00am) Zach S-W observed three Black-bellied Plovers at Cohoes Flats. Colleen and I had just arrived when they took flight, but that's the view one wants with Pluvialis species. We could see the black "wingpits", and white rump and tail as they headed off to parts unknown. Zach tagged out as Alison VK arrived, and we continued to scan the flats for other birds. We re-found one of the Pectoral sandpipers noted earlier by Zach, foraging in a small group of peeps. One of the peeps was not like the others, so we cautiously moved closer for a better look. What I initially thought was a Semipalmated Sandpiper turned out to be a bit bigger, with longer wings- a White-rumped Sandpiper. There were also four Least Sandpipers in the group. Three Semipalmated Plovers were flying around the flats, and at least one each of Killdeer and Spotted Sandpiper was present. The large collection of Great Egrets from last week seems to have dispersed as we only saw one this morning.

Tom & Colleen Williams