some more Red Crossbills and Great Horned Owls

Lindsey Duval

Had some more Red Crossbills, this time at the Corkscrew Rail Trail! I don't think they are hanging around there as much as the Rensselaer Plateau-y spots. 

If anybody is out Stephentown, NY way I totally suggest going to the Corkscrew Rail Trail, it's still very birdy, had about 51 species this morning, including some fledgling Chestnut-sided Warblers and 3 singing Canadas (can't seem to find a fledgling for them yet) and a woodpecker 6 pack. 

Also, yesterday evening I birded the Cemetery of the Evergreens in New Lebanon, NY. Also decent for birds. I heard a loud repeated screeching call near the north side and a Great Horned Owl flew up into a spruce and looked down at me. A much larger Great Horned Owl also flew into the same tree soon after. It was pretty late so they were probably getting ready to hunt the cemetery grounds and nearby farm. 

- Lindsey D.
New Lebanon, NY