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Thanks Zach, good reminder. The atlas online handbook provides some tools to use in the field for knowing where you are relative to the block boundaries, even if you don't have phone signal (only need GPS) using a free app (Avenza Maps). -- scroll down to Block Maps for the Field 

I've been trying it with free topo quads (blocks are defined from the quads - 1 quad = 6 blocks), and the free block boundary layer kmz file. It is helpful to have the real-time GPS position especially when trails run very close and nearly parallel to block boundaries, so the block you're in is only to one side of the trail. A couple of examples I've come across already are Bog Meadow Brook trail in Saratoga, and the 100 Acre Woods loop trail in Malta.

One tip about Avenza - the free version only allows 3 maps uploaded at a time; the block boundary file is added as a separate layer, not a map file per se, so it is there no matter what maps you have uploaded.

gregg recer
malta NY

zach schwartz-weinstein

A reminder for folks participating in the Breeding Bird Atlas.  Many of our local hotspots, like black creek marsh and vischer ferry, are spread across two or more atlas blocks.  If you’re atlasing from a location like that make sure you’re starting your checklist in the atlas block where you actually are, then start a new checklist when you enter a new block - don’t just assume you can select the default hotspot location, or you may be submitting a checklist in the wrong block.  The mobile apps now show atlas blocks on their maps if you’re using the atlas portal, which makes knowing which block you’re in and where the boundaries are much easier, but it’s still on us to know which block we are in and to remember to start a new checklist if/when we enter a different block.
Zach Schwartz-Weinstein
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