Corona Birdwatching / COVID

Christoph Randler

Dear fellow birdwatchers,
Corona has changed our lives and we want to study its influence on birdwatching activities in different countries. Please help us and answer a few simple questions. The questionnaire is in seven different languages and takes 2 (two) minutes. The study is run by Piotr Tryjanowski (University of Poznan) and Christoph Randler (University of Tuebingen).

Stay healthy,
Christoph & Piotr


More information:

It is a scientific study, and you can check my profiles on the website of the University of Tübingen/MNF, researchgate, eBird, facebook (BioDidaktik Tübingen), etc.; I am a birder myself, working at the intersection of biology & social sciences, so thank you all for helping us getting a clearer picture how corona impacts on social/psychological aspects of a leisure activity.
Please take care and stay healthy,