Canada Geese

jeff scherer

I was outside last night (around 6:30) pushing a pram and (I am guessing here) 200-300 Canada Geese flew overhead towards the Black Creek. My daughter even noticed and pointed at them.

I was at the Black Creek Sunday morning (6:30) and I saw the following: Scarlet Tanager(m & f), 2 Rusty Blackbirds, Balt. Oriole, American Bittern, Sora (first I've heard there in 2 years), while hunting down a Blue-winged Warbler a Tenn. Warbler popped up (second I've seen there) Yellow-throated Vireo and Warbling Vireo. Also the 'highlight' I witnessed Cowbirds mating.

I also discovered a Phoebe using the same nest over a lightbulb in my shed.

Yesterday I saw a Wood Thrush at about 1 pm at Ann Lee Pond.

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