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My yard today: wild turkey (one male had his tail fanned "forever"), goldfinch, grackle, tree swallow, house finch, song sparrow, starling, mourning dove, waxwing, red-winged blackbird, killdeer, yellow warbler, robin, blue jay, house sparrow, flicker, white-breasted nuthatch, downy, Savannah, chipping sparrow, bobolink, oriole, cowbird, ... no bluebirds :(

Moreau Lake State Park: scarlet tanager, osprey, black-throated green warbler, red-eyed vireo, yellow-rumped warbler, Baltimore oriole, eastern phoebe and on the road to park: ruffed grouse, blacn-and-white warbler

Saratgoa Nat'l Historical Park: blue-winged warbler (heard 18+ from the loop road), gray catbird, great crested flycatcher, eastern towhee, prairie warbler, field sparrow, house wren, eastern kingbird, yellow warbler, eastern meadowlark, northern oriole, bobolink, northern flicker, black-and-white warbler, overnbird, American kestrel, chipping sparrow, warbling vireo, brown creeper, pileated woodpecker - had to quit half way along the loop road due to hard rain.

Stillwater: mallard, common merganser, tree swallow, rough-winged swallow, ring-billed gull, bank swallow

Saratoga Lake: chimney swift

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