birdline report 4/29/99


This is a summary of some of the birds called into the birdline this
past week. Please call 518-439-8080 for the full report.

New Baltimore 4/22 - spotted sandpiper, Bonaparte's gull, Forster's
tern, red-breasted merganser; 4/24 - great cormorant, double-crested
cormorant; 4/28 - green heron, osprey, bald eagle, sharp-shinned
hawk, chimney swift, barn swallow, fish crow, Carolina wren, house
wren, ruby-crowned kinglet, hermit thrush, American pipit,
blue-headed vireo, eastern towhee, field sparrow

Vischer Ferry 4/21 - Virginia rail, fox sparrow; 4/22 - American
bittern, yellow-rumped warbler, winter wren, green-winged teal, rusty
blackbird; 4/25 - Virginia rail, least sandpiper; 4/29 - Virginia
rail, rusty blackbird, blue-winged teal, American black duck,
solitary sandpiper

Niskayuna 4/24 - Carolina wren

Moreau Lake State Park 4/25 - pine warbler, brown creeper,
yellow-belied sapsucker, common merganser, turkey vulture, eastern
phoebe, kingfisher, hermit thrush

Schodack 4/29 - rose-breasted grosbeak, white-throated sparrow, tree
swallow, house wren

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