Niskayuna Red-tails nest


Hi Barb and friends,

If I'm not mistaken, Lion's Park is the Nisky RR Station along the bike path.
I go there regulary but never refer to it by that name, but seems I've seen
a sign there indicating it is one the Lion's Parks.

For an easy look at a red-tailed nest check out the NEW RTHA nest at the
Gateway Bridge near Jumpin Jacks. Red-tails have nested there as long I've
been in NY but a couple of months ago they decided to build a newer
(smaller) nest on the power line tower. The two nest are close to each other
but the smaller, just built nest is the active one.

Nesting Red-tails, a JackBurger with fried onions and the obligatory stop at
Collins Lake make this a wothwhile trip.

If you go to the Lake check out the Canada Goose with the orange bill and
brown head (with diagnostic chin strap). Its rump rides high out of the
water like a domestic goose. Maybe a hybrid?

Also a brreding plumaged Black-crowned Night Heron this morning and early
Cliff Swllows on Saturday.

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