birdline report 4/22/99 (late)


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Subject: birdline report 4/22/99 (late)
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This is a summary of some of the birds called into the birdline this
past week. Please call 518-439-8080 for the full report. (Sorry, it
is a little late this week)

Gloversville 4/16 - albino cardinal on Hill Street

Saratoga County Airport 4/17 - chipping, Savannah, vesper sparrow

New Baltimore 4/16 - broad-winged hawk, sharp-shinned hawk, Cooper's
hawk, lesser scaup; 4/18 - rough-winged swallow, osprey, broad-winged
hawk; 4/21 - osprey, red-necked grebe, hooded merganser, black-
crowned night-heron

Vischer Ferry 4/17 - Virginia rail, swamp sparrow, American wigeon,
blue-winged teal, green-winged teal, rusty blackbird, American
kestrel, blue-gray gnatcatcher, ruby-crowned kinglet, fox sparrow,
northern harrier, American tree sparrow; 4/18 (most near lock 19) -
osprey, winter wren, field sparrow, white-throated sparrow, wild
turkey, ruffed grouse, eastern bluebird, and some of the same from
4/17; 4/18 - osprey

New Scotland 4/17 - eastern meadowlark

Guilderland 4/17 - fox sparrow, white-throated sparrow, purple finch

Tomhannock Reservoir 4/17 - common loon, double-crested cormorant,
snow goose, bufflehead, common goldeneye, hooded merganser, ruddy

Saratoga National Historical Park ("the Battlefield") 4/17 - sharp-
shinned hawk, American kestrel, pileated woodpecker, common raven,
crow, eastern meadowlark

Five Rivers 4/18 - broad-winged hawk

Albany 4/18 - double-crested cormorant

Ancra (Columbia county) "last two weekends" - least flycatcher,
northern flicker, palm warbler, eastern bluebird, wild turkey, house
finch, white-breasted nuthatch, red-bellied woodpecker

Nott Road Park 4/18 - pileated woodpecker, red-bellied woodpecker,
eastern bluebird, hermit thrush, ruby-crowned kinglet, golden-crowned
kinglet, yellow-bellied sapsucker, winter wren, rusty blackbird,
Louisiana waterthrush, Cooper's hawk, wood duck

Watervliet reservoir 4/18 - pied-billed grebe, osprey

Washington Park 4/19 - ruby-crowned kinglet

Delmar 4/20 - red-bellied woodpecker

Ann Lee Pond 4/20 - American wigeon

Saratoga Lake 4/20 - common loon, horned grebe, pied-billed grebe,
double-crested cormorant, gadwall, American wigeon, greater scaup,
lesser scaup, bufflehead, common goldeneye, red-breasted merganser,

Coxsackie 4/21 - Iceland gull, green-winged teal, American wigeon

Mohawk River 4/22 - osprey, American kestrel, purple finch, eastern

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