Washington and Saratoga counties 3/21/99


March 21 -

Hudson River betwen Fort Edward and Schuylerville: ring-necked duck, American wigeon, wood duck, American black duck, mallard, common merganser, hooded merganser, common goldeneye, green-winged teal, Canada goose, tree swallow, song sparrow, bufflehead, cedar waxwing

Route 113 in Washington county: 100+ northern pintail, canada goose, snow goose, mallard, American black duck, green-winged teal, rough-legged hawk
Hollingworth-Vose pond: pied-billed grebe, common merganser, a few of the other ducks mentioned above

Fort Edward: horned lark, rough-legged hawk (only one), red-tailed hawk, nothern harrier, killdeer, eastern bludebird, Amercian kestrel (I did not stay long enough to look for short-eared owls)

Town of Moreau: wild turkey

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