Ross's Goose

Frank Murphy <thrush@...>

3/20/99 - Fort Miller, Hudson River. 10-11 AM. 1 Ross's Goose seen well,
up close and great looks. Much smaller than Snow, small round head and
small beak. Gene Vermillyea was there to see. Also 1500 Snow Geese, 3000
Canada Geese, 1 adult Bald Eagle, Pintail, bufflehead, GW Teal, Am Wigeaon,
C Goldeneye, etc. It is truly a spectacle seeing all the geese. One of
the Snow Geese had a yellow collar but I didn't read the number. On
Thursday 3/18 there was a reliable report of a G White-fr Goose. Best to
get there in the morning with the sun at your back. Take Rte 4 north of
Schulylerville, cross the bridge and take an immediate left onto River
Road. Go up about a mile to the intersection with Fort Miller Rd. this is
the best place to be.

Meanwhile at Vischer Ferry, a pair of N Shovelers and another Bald Eagle

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