Great Horned Owl

Scott Varney

I just woke up at Midnight because I heard a Great Horned Owl in my backyard (12/7)...I refer to this phenomenon as Birding ADD.  It's been over a month since I last heard this species in my yard and is a reminder that this is still a great time of year to listen for owl species. I am very fortunate to have seen and/or heard 4 different owl species on my own property. I love my new property in Salem (4 years new now)!  I'm looking forward to my new birding adventures and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my newfound friends (last year), the Pine Grosbeaks. 

While travelling the Battenkill River today, I found a group of 4 Buffleheads. 

Another cool sighting this week were 2 Cackling Geese on the Battenkill, near the Greenwich Town Beach. 

For the record, the Hudson River along River Road in Stillwater is hosting a large amount of waterfowl with a great diversity of species. In the morning, they seem to be congregating on the Eastern side of the river.  For anyone interested, travelling south on Route 4 from Stillwater and heading North, take Stillwater Bridge Road (on the right while heading North) and then take a left onto River Road. Just past the big white farmhouse, there is a huge congregation of waterfowl in the AM. (River is on your left). Today, I picked out one Redhead drake and one Canvasback Drake, and one strange-looking Goose species. I was time constrained, but first observations were of a species different than Canada Goose...I actually considered Barnacle Goose....oh, I wish I didn't have to get to a Science Conference!  Anyway, it's worth some more observation time. 

Happy Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem NY

SoRensCo CBC - Saturday 12/28

Naomi Lloyd

It's the most wonderful time of the year -- only 22 days until the Southern Rensselaer Christmas bird count! Please get back to me if you're unable to lead a team this year, or if you need more participants.

A Team: Tristan Lowery, I've reached out to Rich, Zach, and Will and will keep an ear open for other folk on the west side.

B Team: Naomi Lloyd and my awesome all-girl team! 7:30 at Defreestville P&R

B.2 Team: Ken McGrath, will you and your party cover RPI Tech Park again? It was great having that area get the attention it deserves.

C Team: Ted Keyel, can you take your sector again? Phil, your feederwatch was productive last year.

E Team: George Steele is unavailable this year, so I'll give this team to Jim de Waal Malefyt. Last year Scott Fackenthall and Gabrielle Isenbrand were on the ream - are you available this year?

G Team: Steve Mesick, I assume Jackson, and friends? If not I'll assign some others to you. Can you move that Lark Sparrow north a bit?

H Team: Bill Lee, I can give you Neal Reilly for sure. Is Jamie available? If not I have David Di Siena and friend, who is willing to drive.

J Team: Deb, I assume you've got your stomping grounds. Do you need anyone else? Nancy, I hope you're able to get out!

Compilation dinner is at the Lakeview Inn in Averill Park. Please let me know by Christmas-ish if you're coming to dinner. If not, please send me your count forms asap.

Contact me if you have A Situation or if I have something egregiously wrong. And good birding!

Naomi Lloyd

Lapland Longspur - Northumberland


I drove past some of the dairy and horse farms in Northumberland this morning in search of field birds.  Snow was on the ground but there were few if any fresh manure spreads.  Nevertheless I eventually did find about 15 Horned Larks on Purinton Rd. and then about 5 more on Williams Lane.  After looking at my pics I discovered one Lapland Longspur with the Larks on Williams Ln. but no Snow Buntings.  I also watched about 7 Black Vultures breeze by on Williams Lane.  I posted a pic in the photo section.,,,20,2,0,0

John H.

This week's destination: 12/5

Naomi Lloyd

Winter is here! Let's meet at Hudson Crossing Park above Schuylerville to check out the river and either (or both) Ft Edward / Northumberland grasslands for winter birds that surely must be here at last.

Remember, MEET AT 9:00am!

Naomi Lloyd,-73.5799317,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89de2ebeef77c4ef:0xcdfc181530ee1425!8m2!3d43.113797!4d-73.577743?hl=en&authuser=0

Henry Hudson half-hardies

John Kent

Yesterday morning in the snow at Henry Hudson Park in Selkirk, I found a mixed flock that included a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a Yellow-rumped Warbler. There were large flocks of blackbirds flying east across the river, but I couldn’t identify them to species. A Great Blue Heron came flying down the Vlomankill. This afternoon at the park, I found a Hermit Thrush and a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. The kinglet was not in the same area as the one I saw yesterday, so it may have been a different one. Last week an immature Red-shouldered Hawk spent several days hanging around and feeding on a deer carcass. There have also been two Winter Wrens that I’ve seen or heard several times lately. I think I heard one today, but it was only doing single chip notes so I wasn’t sure. Last week one was singing, and they have been calling frequently. There have also been two or more Winter Wrens at Five Rivers the past couple of times I’ve been there.

John Kent



Just looked out at the falling snow and discovered five Bluebirds sitting on the electric wire in the front yard.


HMBC program and party Monday evening is CANCELED due to weather


HMBC program and party Monday evening December 2 is CANCELED due to weather. 

Rich Guthrie will present his program at a later date, in the spring.  

Stay safe everyone! 


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Monday Dec 2 HMBC program and holiday party is CANCELED due to weather


we will reschedule the presentation by Rich Guthrie for the spring. Happy and safe holidays everyone! - -Scott Stoner, Program Chair

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HMBC Holiday party and program by Rich Guthrie - Monday Dec 2 at Five Rivers


7:00 PM on Monday Dec 2 at Five Rivers, Game Farm Rd in Delmar.

Rich Guthrie will be speaking on the changes he has observed in 60 years of birding!

You are welcome to bring a dessert or non-alcoholic beverage to share

Be alert for DEER in and near the roads in the area


Collins Lake mergansers

Matthew Medler

I stopped by Collins Lake in Scotia earlier today (Thanksgiving Day 2019) and was excited to see good numbers of waterfowl on the water. I counted 170 Common Mergansers, including 51 males. There were also five Hooded Mergansers mixed in amongst the Common Mergansers. Also of note was a calling Common Raven–only the second time I've heard/seen this species at this site, and just my third ever in Schenectady County.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good birding,
Matt Medler

NNYBirds has moved

Dana Rohleder

Hi all. FYI, NNYBirds has also migrated to io.groups.

Have a nice Meleagris gallopavo day!

Dana Rohleder Owner/moderator NNYBirds
Port Kent, NY

Rough-legged Hawks - Montgomery County

Alison Van Keuren

Found two Rough-legged Hawks today in Montgomery County.  One seen from Van Epps Road and one fly over on Denice Road.

Alison Van Keuren

No destination this week, and upcoming event

Naomi Lloyd

Enjoy that turkey on Thursday, and be sure to get out for a walk and watch our other birds!

The Saratoga CBC will be on Thursday 12/19. Contact Jean Holcomb at jeanh46@... for details. All Thursday Birders and others are welcome!

Naomi Lloyd

Bald Eagles along Battenkill River

Scott Varney

This seems to be the time of year when the Bald Eagles start lining up on their favorite high perches along the Battenkill River. I found 3 today, all adults, between Salem and Greenwich on my way to work while travelling along Route 29 to work in Schuylerville. 

Scott Varney
Salem NY

Grebes & warbler

John Kent

At Corning Riverfront Park in Albany around noon today I saw two Red-necked Grebes. They were together on the water, then took off and headed south. A few minutes later, just south of the RR bridge, I found a Pine Warbler associating with chickadees in the trees.

John Kent

Ecuador with Sthrn ADK Audubon Society

rob snell

Join the Southern ADK Audubon Society for nine days of birding in Ecuador, April 17-26, 2020.  

I just returned from this trip, and recorded over 320 species.  This is only a small percentage of the 1700+ species to be found in Ecuador, the most biodiverse country in the world.  My list included 52 species of Hummingbird, and 39 species of the most colorful Tanagers nature could create.  The trip is well priced at $2750 for 9 days of birding, which includes the guide, driver, and fabulous lodging, food and friendships.  I highly recommend this trip for all experienced birders, novice and above.  Please review the attached flyer, or visit the website  Act soon, commitments are due by 12/16.


Rob Snell



Five Bluebirds out by the boxes just now.

Clear skies, Alan

Northern Flicker


Had a big Northern Flicker at my suet feeder twice today. 11/20/19

Heidi Klinowski 

Hermit Thrush


A Hermit Thrush showed up at our feeder, in Guilderland, this afternoon.  Was present for approx. 10 minutes.

This week's destination: 11/21 and NEW MEETING TIME

Naomi Lloyd

It's around peak Golden Eagle migration and I *really* wanted to hit Franklin Mountain this week, but I need to be home by 1:00 for a rescheduled appointment. Boo.

So instead, I'm suggesting meeting at the Thacher Park overlook at 9:00am. They've had several Goldens this fall, one just last week, and hope springs eternal, right? The 5mph wind is from the northwest which is the hawk-driving direction. If you're on facebook, check out these pics from a few weeks ago - this GOEA flew directly under the escarpment![0]=68.ARBgtLUJlBEZHmVcRHLnO6X7KqJ0TJzORpzITEm-oouveM9smF6zvHzXVaJGkxxQDHu25fkLjKgUbhJuefJj9xg7Mb-M5noH-AfJ4wmyUHcsIkzGLR7yEdRkKo_S1s70P8iH9OtmRZJ-jwS6h17A3K2M_BGUR3QzKgStGRjCWuBf2WZmYA6kitJy3M1CQo5rZBSfLj3LgyXlcc0OCH1VqgbVz55oB2-o4JAsHcy52jmwkKENZx2AJutQhHknA-HHReXhHTFbed3EDZOSw82sYSrkXB4OlVeCwhnbMmT0VdPLwKd2JcSz3r5sLH7O0dxCcqQH6Ub6x4xXq1jj2SsNw1eP7w&__tn__=-R

I got about a dozen replies last week about changing the winter meeting time to 9:00am, all positive. So for the cold months, we'll assemble at 9:00 and run until noonish as usual. Come spring we can go back to 8:00 until the big migration weeks, when I'll float the "meet at 7:00" proposal.
Enjoy your extra hour!


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