Signs of spring!


At 10:35 this morning I saw my FOS V of about 25 Canada Geese flying high and NORTH over the Hudson River near Troy.

Also spotted 3 Turkey Vultures circling over Pawling Avenue near Emma Willard School.

And at home in Sycaway.... happy to see my first crocus poking up.

I know we’re not out of the woods yet but I’m encouraged.

Heidi Klinowski

Re: Common Grackle South Glens Falls

Barb, Rod and Jill

I too had a Common Grackle yesterday and today. Also, I’ve been seeing two or three red-wing blackbirds off and on for a couple of weeks, but today an entire flock of 30-40 swept through my yard. In Jefferson, Schoharie County.

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Just this morning I was happy to see the first Common Grackle of the year in my backyard. 


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



Herring/Glaucous Gull Hybrid Schoharie Crossing Yesterday

marianne friers

Not sure if this is of interest and sorry it isn't timely...I didn't realize what we had found until I asked experts for ID. Couldn't make it look right for a Glaucous.

Common Grackle South Glens Falls



Just this morning I was happy to see the first Common Grackle of the year in my backyard. 


Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



Re: Red-winged Blackbirds

Weiskotten, Kurt

Three Red-wings and two grackles at the feeders in Galway, Saratoga County today.

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We found males at three different locations in Montgomery County today. First of the year for us.
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canvasback at ft Miller


male canv. continues on Hudson at ft Miller. east side just downstream of lock 6.

Gregg Recer

gregg recer
malta NY

Red-winged Blackbirds

marianne friers

We found males at three different locations in Montgomery County today. First of the year for us.

several birds this weekend


today at our feeders - FOY common grackle

yesterday in halfmoon - two Turkey Vultures

yesterday at the Washington county grasslands - 2 short-eared owls and 3 northern harriers. 

Scott and Denise, Loudonville

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Longspurs - Northumberland

Alan Mapes

At least 3 Lapland longspurs with the bunch of snow buntings and horned larks at the manure patch on Stonebridge Road, south of the poultry farm. 3:40 pm Friday. 

Alan Mapes

SNHP Snowshoe Hike Kestrel

Scott Varney

I just finished the 4 mile Wilkinson Trail at SNHP and what a glorious sunny, people-free day!  I got great looks at the most spectacularly vivid, fresh-feathered male American Kestrel from 20 feet away on a Wild Apple tree. This was my only sighting of this species all winter!  The blues and browns were absolutely stunning!

As I finished my hike, 2 Barred Owls started calling back and forth at 2:30 pm. 2 Common Ravens, lots of Blue Jay's, loads of American Tree Sparrows, Northern Juncos and a single Red-tailed Hawk rounded out this amazing visit!
What a fantastic place!

Scott Varney
Salem NY

Re: Bluebirds


I had three bluebirds at my birdbath yesterday. First time I've ever seen them in my yard in 8 years.



Five Bluebirds out by the boxes just now.

Clear skies, Alan

Pine Grosbeak, Shushan

Scott Varney

While travelling on Route 313 through Shushan today, I found one small flock of Pine Grosbeaks (6-8 birds) in the Battenkill State Forest by the roadside. I parked to observe them for about 5 minutes and found 1 gorgeous adult male providing fantastic views on the lower boughs of a large white pine tree. Yahoo!

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

Re: Black Vulture


Yeah, I saw two by exit 19 around 1pm on Monday. A first for me. 


Black Vulture


I saw a Black Vulture today about 3pm just north of Panera Bread in Queensbury. I haven't seen any Turkey Vultures yet.

My stomach is flat - the L is just silent.

Barb Putnam 
barbolink2 AT yahoo

Tundra Swans on Mohawk River

marianne friers

I have never attempted to post here before so please forgive me if I don't get it right. 
My husband and I found eight Tundra Swans at the confluence of the Mohawk and Schoharie, near the Schoharie Crossing boat launch. They were easily seen and photographed from the parking lot and were resting on the ice with some Canada Geese, just to the north. 
Marianne Friers

Turkey Vulture- Saratoga

Alan Mapes

One TV riding the winds near Weibel Ave just now. 

Alan Mapes

This week's destination: 2/20 NOTE CHANGE OF TIME

Naomi Lloyd

And now for something completely different -- Owl Time!

The Short-eared Owls have been putting on a great show up in the Washington Co. grasslands, with as many as 8 seen some evenings. I propose we meet at 1:00 at the Hudson Crossing parking lot, spend several hours checking out the river and fields on both sides, then be at the Plum Road fields about 4:00pm when the owls come out of the grass and start hunting. People have been getting great looks as they swoop across the fields, sometimes perching on roadside signs.

Hope to see you there at 1:00PM! Or if you just want to be at the grand finale, park along the roadside between Plum and Swamp Roads.


Saratoga Waterfowl, Northumberland Longspur

Alan Mapes

An afternoon visit to Stafford’s Bridge on Fish Creek turned up 500 or so waterfowl, mostly mallards, blacks, common mergs and Canada Geese. Among them I picked out 2 ring-necks, 1 lesser scaup, 3 hooded mergs, and 1 black x mallard hybrid.

At the north end of Homestead Road were the usual small group of horned larks (6). I found two nice manure spreads along County Rt. 29, just north of Harris Rd. - but no birds. Finally, on Stonebridge Rd between Ballard Road and the poultry farm was a manure spread with a ton of horned larks and snow buntings. I got a great look at one Lapland longspur among them.

Alan Mapes

Lions Park and Bikepath 2/15/2020


Hi all,
I walked the Niskayuna Bikepath from Lions Park north past Ferry Drive from 1100am to 1pm today.  Most of the river and backwater was frozen. 
Higlights included

Snow Buntings-flock of 50 or so in a farm field between the path and the river north of the Ferry Drive bridge.  No Larks or longspurs visible.

Bald Eagle-one adult

Redwinged blackbird- 2 flyover males

Rough-legged Hawk- 2 birds one dark, one light around 1pm.
I first saw the dark phase bird perched with its back to me in the stand of trees across from the train station building.  I moved closer and saw it fly showing a long winged Buteo with the dark body contrasting with pale flight feathers and the dark terminal tail band of a Rough-legged Hawk. It flew over an area of cattails and even hovered in place briefly allowing me to see its head and bill. It was then joined by a light bird showing the dark carpal patches, white flight feathers, dark terminal tail band and white tail base of a light Rough legged Hawk.
Both birds moved slowly down river toward Albany county hunting over the cattails and reeds that border the river on the south side.

Good Birding!

Neal Reilly
Schenectady and Rochester, NY