birdline report 8/26/99

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

This is not a transcription of the Birdline tape. It is summary of
some of the sightings that were called in to birdline during the past
week. Please call the birdline (518-439-8080) for the full report.

Hudson River, Spier Falls Rd 8/18: bald eagle

Scotia 8/18: wild turkey

Hudson River, 117 St-118 St, Lansingburg 8/18: 15 swans (sp?)

Guilderland 8/22: common nighthawk

Gansevoort yard 8/19: scarlet tanager, pine warbler, bank swallow,
Baltimore oriole, white-throated sparrow; 8/20: least flycatcher,
eastern phoebe, common yellowthroat, yellow warbler, yellow-bellied
sapsucker, purple finch

New St, Cohoes 8/22: black-bellied plover in breeding plumage, 10
least sandpipers, 2 greater yellowlegs, 1 lesser yellowlegs, 4
semipalmated plovers, 2 spotted sandpipers, 1 hooded merganser, 20
double-crested cormorants, 5 great blue herons, 1 green heron, 2
blue-winged teal, 2 green-winged teal, 400 gulls, mostly ring-billed,
some great black-backed, a few herring and at Cohoes Falls/Cohoes
Commons - 20 blue-winged teal, 2 green-winged teal, 2 wood ducks, 1
greater yellowlegs

Vischer Ferry 8/22: Ferry Drive East - 6 gadwall, and a nice mixed
flock of warblers with chickadees: 1 blue-winged, 4 magnolia, 2
chestnut-sided, 4 American redstarts

Five Rivers, Delmar 8/23: solitary sandpiper

Albany 8/23: common nighthawk

Round Lake 8/24: bald eagle

Schodack yard 8/25: black-throated green warbler, wild turkey, whip-

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Hi all -

I am sorry that you all got "spammed" through this group. I sure hope
this will not become a problem. I immediately wrote to eGroups about
it. This is why I set the group up as "members only can post" - I
don't know what happened.


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8 Nighthawks

F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/25/99 - 8 Common Nighthawks at (tongue in cheek) Crossgates Mall ! I had
hoped that this would be a good night, so I went to my old reliable
Nighthawk stomping grounds in Colonie and West Albany. It was the peak
date traditionally, the 25th, the right time - 6:30 to 7 PM, and the
weather seemed good, but it may have been slightly too windy. Anyhow,
nothing at all until we hit Crossgates and saw 8 coming in from the south
side of the parking lot.

Keep an eye out the next few nights. Thanks.

Had a flock of about 40 Double-crested Cormorants flying in V formation
much like geese on 8/24/99 on the Northway just south of Lake George.

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

"See It Before They Saw It"


Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

Hi folks,

8/23 14 Nighthawks flew over my house in a period of 4 to 5 minutes

8/22 Ferry Drive: A female Red-bellied Woodpecker at the top of a bare
branch seen from the parking area. Also, a fall plumaged Black-throated
Blue warbler on the trail to the east.

8/24 Lock 7: a Great Egret, Great Blue Heron, 14 DC Cormorants, 3
Cedar Waxwings, BC Chicadees, Goldfinch, Blue Jay and an unidentified
Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

V Rails

F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/23/99 6:20 PM Vischer Ferry - 3 Virginia Rails and a Marsh Wren calling
from the same area just east of the main entrance.

8/22/99 - Larry Alden reported 9 Common Nighthawks flying over a field in

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

"See It Before They Saw It"

Vischer Ferry on color TV

F Murphy <thrush@...>

August 22, 1999 (Sunday) - Vischer Ferry

Birds: American Bittern seen along the towpath west of the main entrance,
Wood Ducks, GW Teal, possible Virginia Rail calling (sounded different than
usual), Bank Swallow, Tree Swallow, Northern Waterthrush, Blue-gray
Gnatcatcher, Wood Pewees, Baltimore Orioles, Chimney Swift.

Bugs: The deer flies are just about gone; only two during a six-mile walk.
Mosquitoes are real bad tho, especially in the evening.

Idiots: People never cease to amaze me. Lock 19 is one of the nicer and
quieter places of Vischer Ferry, except for the airport noise. It's about
a mile west of the main entrance or a mile east of Ferry Drive. I couldn't
believe it when today I noticed that some idiot drove all the way back
there and dumped a mattress with box spring and a couch with cushions right
into the dry canal adjacent to Lock 19. Great place to bring a date -
idyllic surroundings, a couch and a mattress... If only there was a TV. I
tried to think why the idiot would go to so much trouble to dump the stuff
there. The landfill (transfer station) is only two miles up the road but
it probably costs $10 or more. So why couldn't the idiot just dump it off
the bank at Ferry Drive ? or along the dirt road leading to the preserve.
Nope, the idiot went as far as the idiot could drive. Perhaps it was one
of the workers clearing trees and brush there during the week who noticed
the useless swamp there and reckoned it was a good place to dump things. I
don't know. Anyhow, I proceeded back to the main entrance and as I looked
down from the new Whipple bridge, there it was - a large console color TV
in the water. Amazing, truly amazing.


F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/21/99 - Cohoes at New St. - a gorgeous Black-bellied Plover in breeding
plumage, 10 Least Sandpipers, 2 Gr Yellowlegs, 1 Lesser Yellowlegs, 4
Semipalmated Plovers, 2 Spotted Sandpipers, 1 Hooded Merganser, 20 DC
Cormorants, 5 Great Blue Herons, 1 Green Heron, 2 BW Teal, 2 GW Teal, 400
gulls, mostly Ring-billed, some Gr Black-backed, a few Herring.

Cohoes Falls at Cohoes Commons - 20 BW Teal, 2 GW Teal, 2 Wood Ducks, 1 Gr

Vischer Ferry - Ferry Drive East - 6 Gadwall, and a nice mixed flock of
warblers with chickadees: 1 Blue-winged, 4 Magnolia, 2 Chestnut-sided, 4 Am
Redstarts. The mudflat was under water today, so no shorebirds there.

"Seek warblers in fall where chickadees call"

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

Grass pipers(not)


Checked the sod farms on Wright's loop Sat AM. Saw 9 Killdeer in one
field and absolutely nothing else

Bill Brooks

new "featured" sites

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

Hi all -

I just changed both the Hudson-Mohawk Bird Club and my personal "featured
site" links. Take a peek when you have a chance. If you have a site that
you feel might be appropriate for either page, please do not hesitate to
let me know.

HMBC's featured site:

My personal page:

Good birding, all. Barb
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A.E. Hanigan <sdi.aeh@...>

Hi All. Just an interesting note about a hundred+ chimney swifts that circled
our house for about an hour yesterday evening. They kept going around and
around and around, chattering and having a good ol' time. It was fairly dark by
the time they started disappearing, but at least a few went down our
chimney??!! We always have a small group in the evening, 5 or 10, but this was
incredible. Are they ganging up in preparation for migration? Or did a couple
hundred babies spontaeously hatch out of our chimney yesterday (I don't think
Amy & Ian
Saratoga Springs
A.E. Hanigan

Common Nighthawk migration

Jane E Graves <jgraves@...>

I'd appreciate it if folks who observe migrating Common Nighthawks post
their sightings to this list. I have been watching for migrants from my
back yard since Monday night and have had them fly over every night between
6:00 and 8:00 pm. Yesterday evening I observed a total of 36, the largest
group being 11 individuals. They were flying quite low and could be well
observed. Jane Graves

Ferry Drive Shorebirds

F Murphy <thrush@...>

8/19/99 - Ferry Drive East - I'm sorry I didn't have my bins with me but
there was some good activity at the mudflat just down river from Ferry
Drive. There were a few Yellowlegs and at least 30 peeps and about 50
gulls. I'll scope it out this weekend and give a better report.

Ferry Drive is next to the VF Firehouse on Riverview Road about 2 miles
west from the main entrance to the Vischer Ferry Preserve. Depending on
the water level it can be very productive. It's also a nice walk for land

Good luck for Nighthawks this weekend. Historically, Colonie and West
Albany have been prime areas for their migration, especially at 6 PM,
usually peaking August 25, but this year may be early ?

F Murphy
Clifton Park, NY

"The Rainforest - See It Before They Saw It"

duh! and a few birds in Gansevoort


That's what happens when you rush. I put 8/19/00 for the HMBirds
birdline report and I put 9/19/99 for the Birdeast birdline report.
Yikes, I am losing it. Sorry, all.

"Goodies" in my yard (Gansevoort) today: scarlet tanager, pine
warbler, bank swallow, Baltimore oriole, white-throated sparrow, common
nighthawk, cliff swallow, eastern bluebird, eastern wood-pewee

Barb Putnam

birdline report 8/19/00

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

This is not a transcription of the Birdline tape. It is summary of
some of the sightings that were called in to birdline during the past
week. Please call the birdline (518-439-8080) for the full report.

Schenectady 8/12: mixed swallows, chimney swift, common nighthawk

Albany 8/16: flock of common nighthawks

New Baltimore 8/15: eastern kingbird; 8/16: blackburnian warbler;
8/18: eastern screech-owl (red), osprey, bald eagle, black-and-white

Gansevoort 8/18: yellow-bellied sapsucker, common yellowthroat,
yellow warbler, eastern phoebe, eastern bluebird, ruby-throated
hummingbird, chipping sparrow, cedar waxwing, indigo bunting, cliff
swallow, bobolink

Mohawk River, near Cohoes 8/18: great egret, peregrine falcon

Scotia 8/19: great blue heron, great egret, double-crested cormorant

(&#92;___/) Barbolink ~ Barb Putnam ~
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Common Nighthawk

Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

Syracuse reports indicate that Nighthawks are beginning to migrate; however, I've had one flying over my yard in schenectady for the past week.  Can it be the same one I see each year beginning in late July?

Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

red-necked stint at Brigantine (New Jersay)

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>


I was away and am trying to "catch up". Some of you might be interested I
these messages:

"Red-necked Stint, Brigantine NWR, 15 August 1999

The bright-plumaged adult Red-necked Stint was found -- snip --
-- snip -- 15 August 1999, and was present into the
afternoon. It was seen from a spot about halfway between the
crossdike and the barn-owl nest box, on the north dike, west pool
(Grid B6). High tide was (at a guess) around noon. The only update I
have is a message indicating it was not seen on Sunday evening."
August 16th

Per Jimmy Dowdell, the Red-necked Stint was present this Monday morning
at Brigantine from 8 AM on through the morning. It was in the same area
as yesterday. On Sunday it disappeared sometime after 2 PM, I believe,
with the falling tide."
August 16th
Red-necked Stint, update:

The "Stint" was still present today (Mon. 16th) at 1:10pm. It was
further down the road toward the >Owl Box than yesterday. More birds
came in as the morning progressed and the tide came in. We >also
saw a Wilson's Phalarope, several White-rumped Sandpipers, and what
we believed to be a >Baird's Sandpiper. Don Jones reported a Marbled
Godwit today. A dozen or more birders were still >there when we left
at 1:10pm.
Tuesday, August 17th

Bob Russell left me a message this morning that the Red-necked Stint was
present this morning as of 7:30 AM in the same area at Brigantine. It
was not seen late yesterday--lighting conditions were pretty awful."

(&#92;___/) Barbolink ~ Barb Putnam ~
(o&#92; /o) Gansevoort (Goose Crossing in Dutch), New York
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Panting Thrashers


I had a pair of Brown Thrashers in my yard this afternoon (August 17). They
hopped in the yard along the edge of the brush and each took dust baths.
They were panting as well.

Have had a juvenile Rufous-sided Towhee eating under the feeders in my yard
as well.

The Thrashers were interesting to me, as I have not only not had them in my
yard before, but haven't seen one for a couple of years.

Ronald Harrower, Ballston Spa

Birdline report 8/12/99

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

Sorry this is so late (I was out of town)

This is not a transcription of the Birdline tape. It is summary of
some of the sightings that were called in to birdline during the past
week. Please call the birdline (518-439-8080) for the full report.

Shakers Creek (Albany shaker Rd near the airport) 8/5 - possible
white-rumped sandpiper

Altamont 8/6 - hooded warbler, blue-winged warbler

Palmer Ridge Rd, Gansevoort 8/7 - cliff swallows, purple finch; 8/8 -
barn swallow, gray catbird, purple finch, blue jay, house sparrow,
European starling, American goldfinch, song sparrow, yellow warbler,
rose-breasted grosbeak, downy woodpecker, mourning dove, house finch,
cedar waxwing, common yellowthroat, common grackle, eastern phoebe,
American robin, eastern bluebird, barn swallow, white-breasted
nuthatch, cliff swallow, red-winged blackbird, ruby-throated

New St, Cohoes 8/7 - least sandpiper, lesser yellowlegs, killdeer,
great blue heron, ring-billed gull, herring gull, black-backed gull,
(no Franklin's gull), double-crested cormorant, mallard, Canada
goose, belted kingfisher

Ferry Drive, Vischer Ferry 8/8 - 1 great egret, 6 great blue herons,
4 green herons, 1 kingfisher, 30 Canada geese, 1 black duck, about 30
ring-billed gulls, a few great black-backed gulls and 4 spotted

Rexford yard 8/9 - American woodcock

Fort Edward 8/8 - 15 American kestrels on Cary Rd, 3 northern
harrier, 2 red-tailed hawk, 6 eastern kingbird, an eastern
meadowlark, a northern flicker, a great blue heron, barn swallows,
tree swallows, red-winged blackbirds, bobolink, eastern phoebe, song
sparrow, American goldfinch, and 1 Henslow's sparrow

(&#92;___/) Barbolink ~ Barb Putnam ~
(o&#92; /o) Gansevoort (Goose Crossing in Dutch), New York
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Re: Vischer Ferry Cynical Update

Jane Graves <jgraves@...>

Good idea, Scott. I, for one, would like to see the bird club take more
interest in and be more actively involved in conservation issues. Jane Graves

At 10:00 PM 8/14/99 EDT, you wrote:
maybe we can turn the sept picnic into a discussion of conservation issues....

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