Re: Cormorant in Troy No/Goldeneye yes

Naomi Lloyd

I found one Northern Pintail there today with all the mallards, but no Cormorant.


On Tuesday, December 24, 2019, 2:19:55 PM EST, Robert Nash via Groups.Io <rjn23@...> wrote:

I went to the 123rd street boat launch today.  No Cormorant, but I did see 6 Common Goldeneye on the Peebles Island side.

Re: Cormorant in Troy No/Goldeneye yes

Robert Nash

I went to the 123rd street boat launch today.  No Cormorant, but I did see 6 Common Goldeneye on the Peebles Island side.

Re: Cormorant in Troy

Robert Nash

Has anyone seen this since?  I'm thinking of going to yet and find it tomorrow.
Thanks Rob

Austerlitz- Northern Saw-whet Owl


Austerlitz, Columbia, New York, US
Dec 23, 2019 4:35 AM - 4:37 AM
Protocol: Stationary
Checklist Comments:     Heard on my porch baby monitor! Temperature was 38 F, calm. First time I have heard one near my yard. Maybe it was after rodents attracted to feeder seed spilled on the ground.
1 species

Northern Saw-whet Owl  1     heard from a baby monitor on my porch called a few times was quiet for a while, then started up again.

Nancy Kern

Catbird, New Baltimore

John Kent

I just saw a Gray Catbird at Hannacroix Creek Preserve. It was in the swampy area on the east side of River Road where the trail crosses the road.

John Kent

Schenectady CBC Results - 12/14/2019

Larry & Penny Alden

I’ve received the last results from the field parties out on last Saturday’s Schenectady CBC.


28 birders in nine field parties found a total of 58 species.  The predicted rain was only a light mist most of the day, but liquid precipitation and warmer air on cold snow makes for fog, which made birding challenging.


Highlights (birds found by one or two field parties) included:


Wood Duck (1)

American Black Duck (17)

Green-winged Teal (1)

Bufflehead (1)

Red-breasted Merganser (1)

Black Vulture (35)

Sharp-shinned Hawk (2)

Bald Eagle (4)

Herring Gull (1)

Eastern Screech-Owl (2)

Great Horned Owl (2)

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker (1)

American Kestrel (1)

Common Raven (1)

Red-breasted Nuthatch (4)

Brown Creeper (1)

Winter Wren (2)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet (1)

Hermit Thrush (1)

Cedar Waxwing (17)

Chipping Sparrow (count week)

Field Sparrow (1)

Red-winged Blackbird (12)


Larry Alden


(Halfway between Voorheesville and Altamont)


Chipping Sparrows, Colonie- 12/21


Two Chipping Sparrows together eating millet seed off the ground in our yard this morning, along with a Song Sparrow. Large, apparently female, Cooper's Hawk is around too, keeping all the other birds on their digits. Pileated Woodpecker flyby as well.

Tom Williams

SoRensCo CBC

Naomi Lloyd

Thank you to all who have volunteered to help with the count. I will be sending out forms and maps in a day or two.

Naomi Lloyd

Bluebird nest and box

Jeremy Kirchman

I am on the lookout for a “weathered” looking Eastern Bluebird nest box that contains a nest for an exhibit on our state bird here at the New York State Museum, where I am overseeing a renovation of our Birds of New York exhibit hall. I thought perhaps someone in the hmbirds universe might have a previously inhabited box they haven’t cleaned out yet, that they would be willing to donate or trade me for a new box. Please contact me at my work email below if you think you can help.  As part of this same project, all our “habitat group” dioramas have now been refurbished and reinterpreted, and I invite you all to stop by the NYSM and check it out. Big improvements!


Jeremy J. Kirchman

Curator of Birds, New York State Museum

Affiliate Professor of Biology, University at Albany

518 474 1441



Confidentiality Notice

This email including all attachments is confidential and intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed. This communication may contain information that is protected from disclosure under State and/or Federal law. Please notify the sender immediately if you have received this communication in error and delete this email from your system. If you are not the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.

Saratoga CBC

Naomi Lloyd

Hey, if anyone wants to join us on the Hudson River Wrights Loop to Schuylerville section tomorrow, Bill Lee and I would be happy to have a 3rd in the car.


Chatham NY CBC SE Quadrant


Ghent, New York, US (42.293, -73.566)

Dec 14, 2019

10:46 AM


32.94 miles

324 minutes

All birds reported? Yes


Temperature 41 to 45 F fog brief sun mostly calm gray day windy after 4 pm .


11 Mallard

29 Wild Turkey -- Feeding under oak trees

39 Mourning Dove

4 Red-tailed Hawk

2 Red-bellied Woodpecker

9 Downy Woodpecker

1 Hairy Woodpecker

2 Pileated Woodpecker

1 Northern Flicker

67 Blue Jay

34 American Crow

1 Common Raven

41 Black-capped Chickadee

8 Tufted Titmouse

1 Red-breasted Nuthatch

8 White-breasted Nuthatch

2 Carolina Wren

105 European Starling

1 Northern Mockingbird

1 Eastern Bluebird

650 American Robin

77 Cedar Waxwing

15 House Sparrow

8 House Finch

5 American Goldfinch

4 American Tree Sparrow

34 Dark-eyed Junco

13 White-throated Sparrow

1 Song Sparrow

9 Northern Cardinal


Number of Taxa: 30


Cormorant in Troy

Alan Mapes

Just had a double-created cormorant at the 123rd street boat launch in Troy, sitting on the old bridge piling. Hope it stays until the 4th. 

Alan Mapes
Saratoga (soon)

Albany County CBC Sector B

John Kent

Larry Alden and Tristan Lowery joined me today to cover Sector B of the Albany County CBC. The sector runs from Coeymans Landing to Meads Lane in Delmar. We had 41 species. The highlights:
Two Gray Catbirds - one at Elm Avenue Park, the other accompanied by a Chipping Sparrow at South Bethlehem Park
American Kestrel on Meads Lane
Merlin and Mute Swan at Coeymans Landing
Great Blue Heron at Elm Avenue Park
27 Red-tailed Hawks

Our most abundant species:
American Crow - 2,320
European Starling - 938
Rock Pigeon - 445
Canada Goose - 392

John Kent

Re: Hermit Thrush, Guilderland

Steve Mesick

We had a Hermit Thrush on the rail trail near Aqueduct Park in Schenectady yesterday as well.

Steve Mesick

On Dec 14, 2019, at 5:00 PM, Earthday49 via Groups.Io <Earthday49@...> wrote:

Finically able to get a photo of the Hermit Thrush that has been present since late Nov. - Guilderland

Alan Schroeder


King Eider - Orange County, NY

Richard Guthrie

For those not enrolled on any of the local alerts: A female KING EIDER was found yesterday and relocated this morning (Dec. 15th) at Sterling Lake. It is viewable from the road near the Sterling Forest Headquarters.

--ichard Guthrie
New Baltimore,
The Greene County
New York

This week's destination: 12/19

Naomi Lloyd

This week's destination: Saratoga Christmas Bird Count. If you're participating, a big thank you! If you're not and you want to, contact Jean Holcomb at jeanh46@... Otherwise, see you next week!


On Wednesday, June 5, 2019, 3:25:53 PM EDT, Naomi Lloyd via Groups.Io <naomi_kestrel@...> wrote:

Hello birders - and welcome to the new additions to the list!

I was pretty certain last week that I wanted to take our annual trip to Ames, Montgomery County, for Upland Sandpipers. But hey, they've been seen closer to home in Washington County! So let's meet at the Saratoga battlefield parking lot at 8:00am (google maps below) and head up to Dowmont Rd and the Grasslands trail. There have also been reports of Acadian Flycatcher on the Surrender March trail just south of Schuylerville, so we could make a stop there on the way back if we have time.

Fingers crossed the drizzle will be over by then. The Grasslands trail is usually mowed short but take tick precautions just in case. Here's hoping last year's Clay-colored Sparrow and Sedge wren have returned (no reports yet of either).


Hermit Thrush, Guilderland


Finically able to get a photo of the Hermit Thrush that has been present since late Nov. - Guilderland

Alan Schroeder

Great Horned Owls, Salem

Scott Varney

I was putting up my Christmas Tree tonight and was "interrupted" again by 2 Great Horned Owls in my back yard...hooting up a storm!

A very plain, deep-sounding woodsy the owl call (Hoo-hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo) but reminds me of how amazing this very large, avian predator really is!  Stoked to still have the same pair in my yard for over a month now!

Scott Varney
Salem NY

Hermit Thrush


A Hermit Thrush was seen again in Guilderland on E. Lydius St. on Dec. 11, 2019.  This bird has been seen three times in the past two weeks.

Alan Schroeder

This week's destination: 12/12

Naomi Lloyd

Happy CBC season! Let's start at Tibbits Ave and move on for gulls along the Mohawk and check Flight Lock Rd. Meet in the big parking lot at the end of the road AT 9:00AM.,+Green+Island,+NY/@42.748106,-73.6924087,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89de0fb5d98c7d49:0x2575c1037542c1eb!8m2!3d42.748106!4d-73.69022?hl=en&authuser=0


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