Crescent Gulls


There was a modest sized group (about 300) of gulls on the ice visible from the Halfmoon-Crescent Park this morning around 11 am. I spotted one Lesser Black-backed and 4 Iceland Gulls.  The Lesser was hard to spot because it was hard to see the now less smudgy head.  It eventually stood up showing the yellow legs. 

John H.

Tibbitts Ave - Friday the 13th


Went to Tibbitts Ave early Friday and observed both the Red-necked Grebes, the Canvasback and the Longtailed Duck as well as many Common Goldeneye and a few Common Mergansers and a lone adult Bald Eagle but no Barrows Goldeneye which I later learned had gone back up near the falls overlook area.

Here are a few shots of the Grebes, the Canvasback and the Longtailed Duck:

The Bald Eagle too a couple of runs at the water and scattered the gulls that were there but the Goldeneye seemed to not care as they just kept swimming and displaying. Maybe it was the displaying that distracted them enough to ignore the eagle....

Signs of spring are coming but with spring it will mean a lot more open water and probably more birds but we will have to travel a bit more to see them. Right now it seems it is "go to Tibbitts Ave, go to Cohoes" ;and we've seen what is around.... lol

take care all and good birding

Ken H.

Gull-watching tomorrow?


Is anyone planning to go see the gulls at Crescent Power Plant or Tibbits Ave tomorrow (Sunday, March 15) or anywhere near Albany on the Mohawk River?

I'm looking for someone to assist me in finding/identifying the less common gulls.

Anytime between 7am-5pm.



Jeanette Roundy


Common Grackle today


Denise and I had one common grackle in our yard this morning, first of the year. Scott Stoner, Loudonville, Albany County.

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Common Grackle


I had a single Common Grackle near Washington Ave in the Stockade about 5 or so with at least 1 American Robin in the area also.

Fonda/ Fultonville Bridge


There was a Graylag Goose associating with the Canada's underneath the bridge. An escapee from a local farm-who can say?   Edward Donnan

Gulls at Crescent Power Plant- 3/14


At noon Saturday, there were roughly 2500 gulls on the ice just downriver from the Crescent Power Plant, and above the spillway on the Waterford side. They are well spread out allowing for good views of nearly every bird. If you ever wanted to comb through gull flocks to compare ages, sizes, and plumages, this is a great opportunity. We turned up eight Iceland Gulls among them. It seems that Ring-billed Gull numbers are way up, perhaps they've just arrived from downriver?

Tom Williams

Tree Swallows - Bradley Beach

Lindsey Duval <lindsey.duval@...>

Currently at Bradley Beach in Fort Edward (Riverside Drive) are two Tree Swallows flying around the edge of the ice at the end of the island. I was surprised that I was actually able to snap a photo of one of them, considering how quick they are!

Waterfowl numbers are way down here today, with a bunch of Ring-billed Gulls taking their place.

- Lindsey D.

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Goldfinch turning!



I was thrilled yesterday to see my first American Goldfinch with some bright yellow feathers as it came to my birdbath for a drink.

Ah, Spring....



Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls, NY



Re: No Barrow's

zach schwartz-weinstein

I didn't see the Lesser black-backed above the power station this afternoon, but there was a young Glaucous Gull when I stopped by around 3:20, in addition to several Icelands and the continuing two male redheads in the open water. 

At Tibbits, the long-tailed duck, red-necked grebes, and male canvasback all continue. 

On Mar 13, 2015, at 2:26 PM, Alison Van Keuren aev12159@... [hmbirds] <hmbirds-noreply@...> wrote:


Spent the part of the morning viewing Tibbetts Avenue, Cohoes Commons Parking and the Crescent Power Plant.  There were many Common Goldeneyes and other great Ducks but no Barrow's.  Above the Crescent Power Plant eight Iceland  and one Lesser  Black-backed made looking at Gulls worth the effort.

Alison Van Keuren

Crescent Power Plant - Lesser Black-backed Gull, Redheads


Around 3 pm this afternoon I spotted 2 drake REDHEADS in the water just below the Crescent Power Plant.  I didn't see anything else interesting in that area.  I did hear a gun firing from a location somewhere behind the ducks and toward the road.  I remember that last year around this time shots were heard in that same general area and the origin turned out to be a crow hunter.  We found out that crow hunting in that particular area is perfectly legal in upstate New York on weekends until the end of March.  

On the upper side of the power plant I saw an estimated 500 gulls on the ice.  I was able to pick out several Iceland and 1 LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL.  The Lesser had a smudgy head like ones I observed on 1/10, 1/19, and 1/24.  This one today seemed less smudgy than the previous ones but this may be because the adults lose the smudgy head at this time of year.  So, the first 3 and likely this one are the same bird.  I posted one pic from today.  The three previous ones in January can still be found in the photo section with the above dates. 

John H.




The field trip scheduled for tomorrow, March 14, Washington County Waterfowl has been cancelled.  I just returned from checking the Hudson River from Schuylerville north to Fort Edward, and although the ice is beginning to break up, there are more areas iced over than open, with little diversity in duck species.  The weather forecast for tomorrow sounds like it will be a cold wet day to be out.

I'm looking forward to open water and the arrival of waterfowl!

Mona Bearor

South Glens Falls



No Barrow's

Alison Van Keuren

Spent the part of the morning viewing Tibbetts Avenue, Cohoes Commons Parking and the Crescent Power Plant.  There were many Common Goldeneyes and other great Ducks but no Barrow's.  Above the Crescent Power Plant eight Iceland  and one Lesser  Black-backed made looking at Gulls worth the effort.

Alison Van Keuren

Spring Signs


Out with winter, in with spring – in my yard this morning were 2 Pine Siskins at the feeders and a male Red-winged Blackbird announcing his arrival with a refreshing, “Okla-reeee”!
Palenville, Town of Catskill, Greene County
Larry Federman
Education Coordinator
Audubon New York
Rheinstrom Hill, Buttercup Farm, and RamsHorn-Livingston Sanctuaries and Centers

Another sign of spring

Steve Mesick

Another avian sign of spring - a lone drake Wood Duck on the time bit of open water at Staats Island Rd today.

Steve Mesick Slingerlands

Wood Ducks


Driving past Collins Creek this morning I saw a pair of Wood Ducks and a Great Blue Heron.

Donna Wright

golden eagle

george steele

On my way to Grand Jury duty in Fonda this morning observed two first year Bald Eagles soaring in circles above the Mohawk.  Later while traveling north on US Route 30A around noon observed a juvenile Golden Eagle as it soared southward directly overhead.  It's white tail with a distinctive large black band were diagnostic.  Great day to have seen both of our eagles!

George Steele

Great Blue Heron and Bald Eagle


There was a Great Blue Heron near where Collins Creek goes under the railroad tracks this afternoon and a Eagle on the ice near the Gateway Landing close to SCCC.

HMBC Field Trips for Sat. 3/14 & Sun. 3/15


Saturday, March 14, WASHINGTON COUNTY WATERFOWL (morning)
Coordinator: Mona Bearor  

Register by 7 p.m. on March 13

Joint trip with Southern Adirondack Audubon


Join us as we search the Hudson for migrant waterfowl such as Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Ring-necked Ducks and Mergansers. In recent years, Horned Grebe, Canvasbacks and Tundra Swans have been lifebirds for many.


Meet at the Schuylerville Central School at Routes 29 and 4. The trip is limited to the first 12 who register. Contact the leader before 7 p.m. on March 13 to register and for meeting time. Dress warmly and bring a beverage/snack, your binoculars and a scope if you have one. We will carpool. Trip will end late morning. You will be contacted if the trip is cancelled due to weather.



Sunday, March 15, WATERFOWL OF THE HUDSON RIVER SOUTH (Greene County; morning)
Coordinator: Bill Cook (518) 851-2678

This is a joint trip with the Alan DeVoe Bird Club.


We will search the Hudson River from Coxsackie to Catskill where waterfowl usually congregate on their way north. There is a good chance of seeing Bald Eagles.


Meet at 8 a.m. at the Coxsackie boat launch. From the intersection of 9W and 385 in Coxsackie go east on 385 (Mansion St.) and continue straight to the Hudson River where the road bears left to the boat launch site.

Birdline for March 11


Birdline summary for week ending March 11:

41 reports; 64 species reported


Best of the week:

CANVASBACK: Green Island 3/8 - 3/11; Cohoes Falls 3/9 (2); Crescent Power Plant 3/11.

REDHEAD: Staffords Bridge 3/6 (6), 3/7 (7); Crescent Power Plant 3/7 (2), 3/8, 3/11 (2); Fort Edward 3/8; Cohoes Falls 3/9.

LONG-TAILED DUCK: Green Island 3/5 - 3/11

BARROWS GOLDENEYE: Cohoes Falls 3/5, 3/6, 3/7; Green Island 3/8 ? 3/11

RED-BREASTED MERGANSER: Green Island 3/7 (2), 3/9 (2), 3/10

RED-NECKED GREBE: Green Island 3/5 (2), 3/9, 3/10.


ICELAND GULL: Colonie Landfill 3/5; Crescent 3/5 (6); Crescent Power Plant 3/10 (2), 3/11; Green Island 3/10.

LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL: Crescent 3/5; Crescent Power Plant 3/11.

GLAUCOUS GULL: Colonie Landfill 3/5; Green Island 3/9

MERLIN: Cohoes Falls 3/5; Green Island 3/10.

BOHEMIAN WAXWING: Queensbury 3/11 (~50).

LAPLAND LONGSPUR: Stuyvesant 3/5.

COMMON REDPOLL: East Greenbush 3/6 (4); Galway 3/7; Livingston 3/10.


Other notables:  

Mute Swan: Stillwater 3/9, 3/10.

American Wigeon: Fonda 3/10.

Northern Pintail: Fonda 3/10 (8); Stillwater 3/10.

Greater Scaup: Green Island 3/7; Cohoes Falls 3/10.

Lesser Scaup: Fonda 3/10.

Black Vulture: Voorheesville 3/5 (6).

Turkey Vulture: Hudson 3/5 (4); South Glens Falls 3/8

Bald Eagle: Cohoes Falls 3/7 (2); Crescent Power Plant 3/7 (2), 3/10 (2); Stillwater 3/10.

Northern Harrier: Stuyvesant 3/5.

Killdeer: Cohoes Falls 3/9; Fonda 3/10 (2); Fort Edward 3/11 (3); Stuyvesant 3/11 (4).

American Woodcock: Livingston 3/10.

Peregrine Falcon: Rensselaer 3/5; Fultonham 3/9..

Common Raven: Staffords Bridge 3/7; Fox Hill 3/7 (4)

Horned Lark: Stuyvesant 3/5 (220); Charlton 3/7 (200+); Fort Edward 3/11 (20).

Tree Swallow: Stuyvesant 3/5 (6).

Carolina Wren: East Greenbush 3/7 (2); Burnt Hills 3/9

Eastern Bluebird: Stuyvesant 3/5 (2).

Hermit Thrush: West Sand Lake 3/10

Savannah Sparrow: Stuyvesant 3/5.


Thanks to Larry Alden (Meadowdale), Mona Bearor (South Glens Falls), Jeremy Collison (Cohoes Falls, Crescent Power Plant, Green Island),  Lindsey Duval (Fort Edward), Bernie Grossman (Cohoes Falls), David Harrison (Fultonham, Fonda, Minden), Ron Harrower (Staffords Bridge, Fox Hill, Galway, Charlton), John Hershey (Crescent, Cohoes Falls), John Kent (Green Island),  Nancy Kern (Stuyvesant, Hudson, Green Island, Cohoes Falls, Stillwater), Heidi Klinowski (Cohoes Falls, Crescent Power Plant, Green Island), Margaret Krolick (Voorheesville), Naomi Lloyd (Green Island, Colonie Landfill, Cohoes Falls, Rensselaer, West Sand Lake), Alan Mapes (Staffords Bridge), Steve Mesick (Stuyveasnt), Barb Putnam (Queensbury), Will Raup (Cohoes Falls), Gregg Recer (Staffords Bridge), Zach Schwartz-Weinstein (Crescent Power Plant, Cohoes Falls, Green Island), Susan Stewart (Burnt Hills), Scott Stoner (Cohoes Falls), Louis Suarato (Green Island), Tom Williams (Stillwater), Donna Wright (Cohoes Falls) and Will Yandik (Livingston).


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