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Boat-tailed Grackle (female), Yellow-rumped warbler, palm warbler, palm warbler, boat-tailed grackles.

On Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 11:40 PM, Mark Kirker <mkirker@...> wrote:

I know this isn't Hudson-Mohawk bird related but I took some pictures in Florida of some birds and can't ID them. Hoping someone could help me out.
Too make a post that is related I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying over the Edison Club on Tuesday. Pictures of that bird are first


Unknown birds

Grackle of some sort?


same type bird?

Yellow-Rumped Warbler?

Boat-Tailed Grackles?

Mark K

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Bird ID

Mark Kirker <mkirker@...>

I know this isn't Hudson-Mohawk bird related but I took some pictures in Florida of some birds and can't ID them. Hoping someone could help me out.
Too make a post that is related I saw an adult Bald Eagle flying over the Edison Club on Tuesday. Pictures of that bird are first


Unknown birds

Grackle of some sort?


same type bird?

Yellow-Rumped Warbler?

Boat-Tailed Grackles?

Mark K

Lake Luzerne, NY Birds 4/8 and 4/9


Spring Traffic has picked up here in Lake Luzerne, birds are now singing beautiful spring songs, and snow is melting. I have been getting up with the sun and going outdoors to hear the dawn chorus! Yesterday, there were at least 100 robins on the property! I haven't heard the Robins singing their spring song yet,but they have been calling "bop bop".
Blue Jays have been acting territorial and singing as well, they come to my feeder in groups of 20-30.
Red Winged Blackbirds males have arrived and singing, Common Grackles are singing and displaying from the tops of tree tops, and european starlings are chattering away.
New this year ( or maybe because my eye is more keen) are Song Sparrows. They starting singing 4/9 from near the porch, and made me smile!
Chipping Sparrows are probably present as I heard a suspicious song that didn't quite fit with the little Dark eyed Juncos I have around.
Typical of this area and present are American Crow (cawing away), Raven (calling all day), Black Capped Chickadee (singing fee-bee), Tufted Titmouse( singing), Northern Cardinal (singing) .. etc..
Most exciting on 4/9 I heard an American Woodcock calling "peent". First time I have ever heard one! so that makes another life bird at 117 species! \
Looks like spring is really here! I will be watching for nesting behavior!
-Melissa Maslanka

Osprey at Five Rivers


Had an Osprey flyover at Five Rivers this AM. Also the Winter Wren was singing, but no sign of either the Louisiana Waterthrush or the Eastern Meadowlark.

Steve Mesick, Slingerlands.

Birdline for April 9


Birdline summary for week ending April 9:


Best of the week:

TUNDRA SWAN: Fort Edward 4/6.

REDHEAD: Fort Miller 4/3; Vischer Ferry 4/5 (2).

BARROW’S GOLDENEYE: Fort Miller 4/3.

RED-THROATED LOON: Lock 7 4/5 (5), 4/6 (5).

RED-NECKED GREBE: Vischer Ferry 4/3.

GREAT EGRET: Papscanee 4/3 (2); Collins Lake 4/9.

GOLDEN EAGLE: Livingston 4/3; Fort Edward 4/6.

RED-SHOULDERED HAWK: Wright’s Loop 4/4.

VIRGINIA RAIL: Black Creek Marsh 4/8 (2+).

ICELAND GULL: Crescent Power Plant 4/4.

LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL: Crescent Power Plant 4/4.

CASPIAN TERN: Niskayuna 4/3.

GYRFALCON: Fort Edward 4/6.

VESPER SPARROW: Livingston 4/3 (3).

RUSTY BLACKBIRD: Vischer Ferry 4/3 (20); Austerlitz 4/5; Schodack 4/7 (14); Bog Meadow 4/8 (30).


Other notables and new arrivals:

Gadwall: Vischer Ferry 4/3 (2); Stanton Pond 4/4 (2); Vischer Ferry 4/5; Bog Meadow 4/7.

American Wigeon: 6 reports

Northern Shoveler: Niskayuna 4/9.

Northern Pintail: Wright’s Loop  4/3, 4/6; Papscanee 4/4 (3); Selkirk 4/4.

Greater Scaup: Stillwater 4/2; Collins Lake 4/9.

Lesser Scaup: Stillwater 4/2; Fort Miller 4/6  (10); Collins Lake 4/9.

Ruddy Duck: Fort Miller 4/6.

Ring-necked Pheasant: Austerlitz 4/5 (2).

Common Loon: Fort Edward 4/5 (2).

Pied-billed Grebe: 8 reports.

Horned Grebe: 6 reports

Osprey: Collins Lake 4/7; Fort Edward 4/8 (2).

Bald Eagle: Wright?s Loop 4/3; Collins Lake 4/7.

Northern Harrier: Vischer Ferry 4/5

American Coot: Bog Meadow 4/7, 4/8.

Lesser Yellowlegs: Wright’s Loop 4/6

Wilson’s Snipe: Vischer Ferry 4/3; Papscanee 4/8 (14).

American Woodcock: Five Rivers 4/3 (4); Papscanee 4/4; Five Rivers 4/5 (5).

Great Horned Owl: Five Rivers 4/3, 4/4

Barred Owl: Five Rivers 4/3

American Kestrel: Austerlitz 4/5; Wright’s Loop 4/6; Five Rivers 4/7; Fort Edward 4/8 (4-5).

Peregrine Falcon: Wright?s Loop 4/3

Chimney Swift: Stillwater 4/8.

Northern Rough-winged Swallow: Collins Lake 4/7.

Barn Swallow: Meadowdale 4/7; Stillwater 4/8 (2)..

Winter Wren: Five Rivers 4/8.

Hermit Thrush: Five Rivers 4/4.

Louisiana Waterthrush: Five Rivers 4/6, 4/8.

Chipping Sparrow: Schodack Island SP 4/7.

Fox Sparrow: Providence 4/3; Glenville 4/6..

White-crowned Sparrow: Livingston 4/3.

Eastern Meadowlark: Black Creek Marsh 4/8; Five Rivers 4/8.

Purple Finch: Five Rivers 4/4.


Thanks to Larry Alden (Meadowdale), Susan Beaudoin (Wright’s Loop , Stillwater), Barb Beebe (Five Rivers), Nancy Castillo (Providence), Lindsey Duval (Fort Edward, Fort Miller, Betar Byway, Lock 7, Bog Meadow), Alan French (Glenville), Pat Gosda (Niskayuna), Ken Harper (Stillwater, Fort Miller, Fort Edward), Ron Harrower (Vischer Ferry), John Hershey (Vischer Ferry, Lock 7, Fort Edward), John Kent (Fort Edward, Five Rivers, Fort Edward), Nancy Kern (Austerlitz, Schodack, Papscanee, Stillwater), Alison van Keuren (Fort Rdward), Heidi Klinowski (Troy), Bill Lee (Collins Lake), Russ Loeber (Wright’s Loop, Bog Meadow), Naomi Lloyd (Papscanee), Alan Mapes (Five Rivers), Steve Mesick (Papscanee), Pat Newman (Wright’s Loop, Stillwater), Jim Ries (Fort Edward), Zach Schwartz-Weinstein (Five Rivers), Tom Williams (Albany, Niskayuna, Crescent Power Plant, Stanton Pond, Selkirk, Five Rivers, Lock 7, Fort Edward, Collins Lake, Black Creek Marsh), Chad Witko (Philmont),  Will Yandik (Livingston) and Bob Yunick (Fort Edward).

Northern Shoveler - Niskayuna Bike Trail


We saw a solitary male Northern Shoveler yesterday afternoon cruising the pond near the old train station on the Niskayuna bike path.  Very stylish bird!

Pat & Dave Gosda

USGS Canada Goose Report- Collar # H5N0


Banding Data

Band Number 07/07/20060988-09668 Banded H5N0

Species CANADA GOOSE Sex Female





Encounter Data

03/25/2014 Encountered Location 6.1 mi S of CASTLETON-ON-HUDSON,



Nancy Kern

USGS Banded Goose Certificate Collar #y7u1


Banding Data

Band Number 07/03/20131078-14664 Banded Y7U1

Encounter Data
Location 3.2 mi ESE of CASTLETON-ON-HUDSON, Encountered 03/26/2014
Sex Male

Rusty Blackbirds - Bog Meadow

Russell Loeber

Found a flock of 30 or so Rusty's just off the beginning of the Bog Meadow Trail outside of Saratoga, late afternoon. A lifer for me, but easily identified thanks to studying the Blitz Id guide. Went looking for the Coot and had this surprise.  Also got lucky with the Coot still bobbing around in the open water, often near the trail. Ducks were mostly Ring-Necked, some Bufflehead and a couple of Goldeneyes and Hooded Mergansers. Also had a Turkey Vulture, Belted-Kingfisher and Phoebe.

Russ Loeber

Banded Canada Goose

Scott Varney

Staat's Island Rd snipes (yes)

zach schwartz-weinstein

Thanks to Nancy Kern, I was able to see at least six Wilson's Snipes working the field south of Staats Island road in Schodack late this afternoon. There were also approximately five killdeer, and a few American Black Ducks.

Sun. Apr. 6 Stillwater- 1 Chimney Swift, 2 Barn Swallows


There were huge number of swallows over the river. The Swift was flying over the buildings with more Tree Swallows.

Nancy Kern

Yesterday at Schodack Island- Chipping Sparrows


Nancy Kern
Seen along the State Park Road and being picked on by Tree Sparrows. There is active excavation just before the boat launch/park area that looks like new roads? Taking down trees and destroying thrush and warbler habitat.

Staats Island Rd- 14 Snipe


Nancy Kern
Arrived overnight.

Virginia Rails, Black Creek Marsh- 4/8


Virginia Rails were calling ("kid-ick") from both sides of Hennessey Rd. at Black Creek Marsh early this morning. An Eastern Meadowlark was singing along Hennessey Rd. near Depot Rd.

At Five Rivers EEC in Delmar, a Louisiana Waterthrush was singing along the Vlomankill along the Big Pine Trail, and a Winter Wren was inspecting the embankment in the same area. An Eastern Meadowlark was singing from the south end of the Wild Turkey Trail grasslands.

Tom Williams

Yesterday Collins Lake


In addition to the previously reported Horned Grebes, Northern Rough Winged Swallows and the Osprey, an adult Bald Eagle was present as well, on the island, appx. 10:30 am yesterday. Many Tree Swallows as well. Over by the plowed field there were a lot of song and chipping sparrows. donna

Stillwater to Ft. Edward via Ft. Miller


Drove up to Ft. Edward by way of Stillwater and Ft. Miller yesterday in hopes that the Gyrfalcon seen there would show up again. No such luck. Looked all over the area around the church near Durkietown Road but no Gyrfalcon seen I did find this FOS Mockingbird singing up a storm on the roadside in that area:

Also 4 or 5 Kestrels on Cary Road and the Ospreys were at the nest on Route 4.

In Stillwater off Ferry Drive I found this Horned Grebe in transition:

and DC Cormorant in full dress:

Bufflehead was the duck of the day in both Stillwater and Ft. Miller. The sun was just right to be

able to see the iridescent colors on the head can capture them in photo:

There was also a large contingent of both C. Goldeneye and Ring-necked Ducks and a group of about 35 Wood Ducks along the rivers edge off River Road in Ft. Miller.

take care all and good birding

Ken Harper

Schodack- Rusty Blackbirds


Nancy Kern
14 Rusty Blackbirds in a yard

Schodack Island State Park- Chipping Sparrows


Nancy Kern
Seen about 2:00 pm today.

Some more mundane birding

Ronald Harrower

Not exactly the marquee species of the weekend, I did enjoy enjoy seeing eight species of waterfowl in one view, within 50 feet away. I stopped by a little slough just east of gate that goes into Vischer Ferry preserve. Saw 6 Green-winged Teal, 4 Blue-winged Teal, 15 Wood Ducks, 4 Hooded Mergansers, 5 American Wigeon, 6 Black Ducks, 15 Canada Geese and 16+ Mallards. Very cool!
Earlier saw 5 Bufflehead drakes trying to impress one female with flights, head bobs and noise near Klamsteam tavern.
On other general note, Saratoga Lake is opening up. The shore line is clearing and there is a huge area in the middle open. 100 or more Common Goldeneyes, same for Common Mergs, then a big mix of Ring-necked Duvks, Hooded Mergansers, and Buffleheads.
40+ Brown-headed Cowbirds on ground on Van Vranken road, uphill from Vischer Ferry
Ron Harrower

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