Singing alarm


A gorgeously-colored Baltimore oriole woke me up this morning at 6 a.m. (before my alarm had the chance to do its job), singing loudly and persistently. Though my eyes were only half-open, I believe I saw another bright male chase it from the tree in my front yard.

Heard white-throated sparrows a couple of times on Friday on the campus of Adirondack Community College.

Blackflies are out now too up here...

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ruby throated h

DOBERT H JOAN. <jhdobert@...>

Just wanted to let you know we had our first male ruby throated hummingbird
arrive at our lake house Lake George) last Tuesday May 4th. Boy was he
hungry. He drank at our feeder for 5 minutes. Had a Pine warbler take a
bath in our stream. Really neat. Thanks all. We've been away on and off.

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Saratoga Sightings

F Murphy <thrush@...>

Saratoga Bog Meadow Brook - 5/8/99 - 36 Species incl GC Kinglet, GC Fly, W
Wren, Sc Tanager, N Waterthrush, Sapsucker, Warbling Vireo

Vischer Ferry 5/7/99 - White-crowned Sparrow, 20 Least Sandpipers, 1
Solitary Sandpiper, 1 Greater Legs, 2 GW Teal, V Rail

Vischer Ferry 5/9/99 - Canada Warbler, BTB, BTG, E Kingbird

The new Natl Geo Bird Book is at the stores

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In between the rain drops ...


I took a walk at Wilson Powell Sanctuary in Columbia County today. It's such a lovely place and it is so peaceful there. It was especially beautiful today because everything was wet and glistening from the morning's rain. Colors looked particularly rich and dense, even the damp black bark on the trees caught my eye. Many of the treetop jewels caught my eye too, including a pair of Scarlet Tanagers, several American Redstarts - noisy little things, and Yellow-rumped & Yellow Warblers.

There were several other warbler species tucked away in the treetops, but I had a difficult time getting good views of them. My neck muscles, however, will attest to the fact that I tried! My birding by ear (never really very good anyway) proved to be a little less rusty than I had anticipated. I was pleased to identify a Black-throated Green by its song, even though I never did get a good look at it. I also did not see the Ovenbird, but once you've heard it, you don't forget that one!

I stopped for a bit to listen when I heard a Chickadee, and had the pleasure of seeing a tiny Brown Creeper land on a tree right in front of me. She worked her way up the tree trunk, but not in the characteristic spiral fashion that we usually see. This one when straight up the trunk, pecking away at the bark. After she'd pulled off a small piece, she flew to another tree, even closer to me, and popped herself under the loose bark. A few seconds later, she popped back out and flew away, pieces of the nest she was building hanging out here and there.

No trip to this sanctuary is complete without a hike up to the rock ledge, known to the locals as Dorson's Rock. This outcropping of rock faces south, overlooking the beautiful Catskill Mountains. The "Three Brothers" were in a bit of a haze today, but they still looked spectacular from where I was sitting across the valley. As I sat there, I heard a Great-crested Flycatcher but before I could look for it, a Raven began to make the most interesting sounds. He was perched in a tree quite a few feet below me, giving me a great view of him from above. He carried on for the longest time and it was so cool to hear his voice echo in the stillness of the afternoon.

A wonderful afternoon indeed!

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Cold Springs Rd. & Saratoga Battlefield


Cold Springs Highlites: Eastern Towhee, Wood Thrush, Rosebreasted Grosbeck, Yellow Warbler,Hermit Thrush, Common Yellowthroat, Baltimore Oriole, Northern Flicker.At the Battlefield we saw---Great Crested Flycather, Eastern Kingbird, Bobolink--male and female, Norhern Harrier, Eastern Meadowlark, House Wren, Ovenbird, Great Blue Heron, (and always a special) Eastern Bluebird---male and female, at stop #5.

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How to post messages to HMBirds


It has come to my attention that some people may not know how to post messages to this group.

I hope this helps:

First, you need to be a member (If you recieved this in your email, you are already a member)

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If you have a problem, please let me know. Barb

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Anybody out there????


Hey, you guys - more of you MUST be birding - it is May, you know! Let's have a few sightings, please. Thanks :)

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home, Moreau LSP, SNHP, other


My yard today: wild turkey (one male had his tail fanned "forever"), goldfinch, grackle, tree swallow, house finch, song sparrow, starling, mourning dove, waxwing, red-winged blackbird, killdeer, yellow warbler, robin, blue jay, house sparrow, flicker, white-breasted nuthatch, downy, Savannah, chipping sparrow, bobolink, oriole, cowbird, ... no bluebirds :(

Moreau Lake State Park: scarlet tanager, osprey, black-throated green warbler, red-eyed vireo, yellow-rumped warbler, Baltimore oriole, eastern phoebe and on the road to park: ruffed grouse, blacn-and-white warbler

Saratgoa Nat'l Historical Park: blue-winged warbler (heard 18+ from the loop road), gray catbird, great crested flycatcher, eastern towhee, prairie warbler, field sparrow, house wren, eastern kingbird, yellow warbler, eastern meadowlark, northern oriole, bobolink, northern flicker, black-and-white warbler, overnbird, American kestrel, chipping sparrow, warbling vireo, brown creeper, pileated woodpecker - had to quit half way along the loop road due to hard rain.

Stillwater: mallard, common merganser, tree swallow, rough-winged swallow, ring-billed gull, bank swallow

Saratoga Lake: chimney swift

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Moreau, NOrthumberland & "the Forts"


Moreau Lake State Park: eastern phoebe, pine warbler, northern flicker, yellow-rumped warbler, least flycatcher, osprey, chipping sparrow

Town of Northumberland: Canada goose, house wren, yellow-rumped warbler, wood duck, belted kingfisher, northern flicker, eastern kingbird, double-crested cormorant, yellow warbler, warbling vireo, blue-gray gnatcatcher, green heron, killdeer, bufflehead, eastern bluebird

Denton/Ft Miller: great blue heron, mallard, Baltimore oriole, blue-grey gnatcatcher, yellow-rumped warbler, wod duck, warbling vireo, yellow warbler, American black duck, red-tailed hawk, bank swallow, double-crested cormorant, killdeer, chipping sparrow, rough-winged swallow, cedar waxwing, sharp-shinned hawk

Ft Edward: American kestrel, eastern meadowlark, red-tailed hawk, upland sandpiper, bobolink, wood thrush, brown thrasher

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Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

I haven't seen large numbers of Yellow-rumps nor Yellow warblers
either. I did see my first ruby-throated Hummingbird today, though. It
was perched in a dead tree...exactly where I've seen it the past three
years, although not this early.


Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

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birdline report 5/6/99


This is a summary of most of the birds called into the birdline this
past week. Please call 518-439-8080 for the full report.

Tomhannock Reservoir 4/27: eastern towhee; 4/28: evening grosbeak

Vischer Ferry 4/28, 5/1, 5/2: American tree sparrow, Savannah
sparrow, rusty blackbird, American bittern, least bittern, blue-gray
gnatcatcher, yellow-throated vireo, blue-winged teal, chimney swift,
house wren, yellow-rumped warbler, lesser yellowlegs, black-throated
green warbler, warbling vireo, swamp sparrow, Virginia rail, belted

Five Rivers 4/29: American woodcock, black-and-white warbler

Lake George 4/29: broad-winged hawk, chipping sparrow

Moreau Lake State Park 4/29, 5/1: common merganser, junco, ruby-
crowned kinglet, yellow-rumped warbler, pine warbler, golden-crowned
kinglet, red-eyed vireo

Fort Edward: wild turkey, green-winged teal, American pipit, barn
swallow, American kestrel, upland sandpiper, northern harrier, brown
thrasher, red-tailed hawk, killdeer, eastern meadowlark, northern
mockingbird, Savannah sparrow, white-throated sparrow

Gansevoort 5/1: cedar waxwing, wild turkey

Northumberland 5/1: blue-gray gnatcatcher, great blue heron,
double-crested cormorant, blue-winged teal, eastern bluebird, wild
turkey, purple finch, eastern phoebe, American kestrel, Savannah

Cold Spring Rd (So of Saratoga Lake) 5/1: brown creeper, pine
warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, pileated woodpecker, red-breasted
nuthatch, broad-winged hawk, ruby-crowned kinglet.

Fort Miller 5/1: bufflehead, belted kingfisher, double-crested
cormorant, blue-gray gnatcatcher, yellow warbler, common merganser,
red-breasted merganser, ring-necked duck

Saratoga Nat'l Historical Park ("The Battlefield"): brown creeper,
eastern towhee, field sparrow, eastern meadowlark, northern flicker,
brown thrasher, eastern kingbird, great blue heron, pileated
woodpecker, eastern bluebird, yellow warbler, eastern phoebe,
blue-gray gnatcatcher

Fort Edward 5/1: upland sandpiper, wild turkey, red-tailed hawk,
Savannah sparrow, eastern meadowlark, American kestrel, killdeer,
brown thrasher, wood duck, common snipe, greater yellowlegs

Loudenville 5/1: raven, chipping sparrow

New Baltimore 5/1: Cerulean warblers, yellow warblers, black & white
warbler, warbling vireo, rusty blackbird, osprey, fish crow, common

New Salem 5/1: bald eagle, house wren

Peebles Island SP 5/1: house wren, rough-winged and tree swallows,
wood duck, "a scaup", spotted sandpipers, killdeer.

Poestenkill 5/1: yellow warbler, blue-headed vireo, northern flicker,
ruby-crowned kinglet

Guilderland 5/1: common yellowthroat, yellow warbler

Black Creek Marsh 5/1: yellow warbler, yellow-rumped warbler,
Virginia rail, common snipe, least flycatcher, blue-gray gnatcatcher,
brown thrasher

Knott Road Park 5/2: green heron, spotted sandpiper, wood duck,
chimney swift, great-crested flycatcher, blue-headed vireo, blue-gray
gnatcatcher, winter wren, eastern bluebird, red-bellied woodpecker,
field sparrow, Savannah sparrow, rusty blackbird, Louisiana

Thatcher Park 5/2: broad-winged hawk, common raven, black & white

New Scotland 5/2: cliff swallow

Saratoga Lake 5/2: purple martin, bufflehead, belted kingfisher

Halfmoon 5/3: palm warbler

Black Creek Marsh 5/4: brown thrasher, brown creeper, yellow warbler,
blue-gray gnatcatcher, swamp sparrows, American bittern, Virginia
rail, phoebe, grackle, northern flicker

Lishakill Preserve 5/3: Louisiana waterthrush, brown creeper,
golden-crowned and ruby-crowned kinglet,

Niskayuna 5/3: sharp-shinned hawk

Ann Lee Pond 5/4: Baltimore oriole

Delmar 5/4: eastern kingbird

Voorheesville 5/6: rose-breasted grosbeak

Schenectady 5/5: chimney swift, Baltimore oriole

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VF Birds 5/6/99

F Murphy <thrush@...>

Vischer Ferry - 5/6/99 - first Wood Thrushes, White-crowned Sparrow, B Oriole.

As far as I'm concerned it's been a silent spring so far. I have never
seen such low numbers of Yellow-rumps in my life.

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Montezuma WR


Hi - Just in case you have decided to head for Montezuma, the wigeon, ruff, and goose were still being reported and (from NYSBirds-L):

"... two possibly a third Cerulean Warblers singing at May's Point fishing
access Tuesday, May 4."

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Bike Path, Niskyuna

Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

Between the raindrops this a.m, I found a Baltimore Oriole, Yellow
Warbler, Swamp Sparrows and Northern Flickers at the old train station.
Things are picking up.

Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

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Another Moment!!


This sighting might not be as exciting as Lous', but today at noon we observed a male & female Downy Woodpecker on the branch of our Catalpa tree which holds our suet feeder. He proceded to mount her for several seconds then took off----leaving her fluttering & fluffing her wings. Spring is here!

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Blackcreek Marsh

Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

Hi all,

Didn't get to Blackcreek Marsh till about 9:15am on the 3rd, but a Brown
Thrasher Greeted us as we approached the marsh. Also saw a Yellow
Warbler, Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, Swamp Sparrows, Brown Creeper, Flickers,
Phoebe and the blackbirds. Heard American Bittern and Virginia Rail.

Anybody planning a trip to Long Island or Montezuma?

Good birding!

Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

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Montezuma WR


Ooops, I hit the send key a little too soon - sorry.

Besides the ruff and the Eurasian wigeon, there also was a white-fronted goose at Montezuma TODAY (5/3/99)

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RBA: ruff, Eurasian wigeon at Montezuma


The Finger Lakes RBA is reporting a male ruff and a male Eurasian wigeon at Montezuma WR

For more info:
or call:
(607) 254-2429

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Ann Lee Pond


On a brief stop here at 10:30 AM, the first bird to greet us was a beautiful male NORTHERN ORIOLE!!! Otherwise, not much seen but the Oriole made our day.

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May 2

Joan L Cipriani <jlcip@...>

Saratoga Airport: Vesper Sparrow, Horned Lark, Purple Finch, Song

I was up at Ft. Edward mid-afternoon and didn't see much: Savannah &
Song Sparrows, Eastern Meadowlarks, Mockingbirds, two Red-tailed Hawks,
House Finch, Goldfinch, Tree and Barn Swallows, Killdeer, Greater
Yellowlegs (1) and Red-winged Blackbirds..Robins, of course.

Joan Cipriani
Schenectady, NY

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