Chasing Sandhill Cranes

Barbara Beebe

On Friday, April 30th, Debra Johnson and I did a day trip to Montezuma, weather was perfect!

Perhaps we should title the trip Turkey Trail, since we observed 7 Turkey Vultures resting in a tree off the Thruway as we started our journey and 2 Turkeys near Utica as we returned. Below highlights our observations.

Thanks to HMBC birders, we started out at Martens Track, Parking Area just north of Carncross Road Montezuma.

1.Martens Track Stop:

Sandhill crane-HEARD
Trumpeter Swans 7
Brown-headed Cowbird
Tree Swallows
Blue-winged Teals
Canada Geese
Red-wing Blackbirds
Common Moorhens
Red-tailed Hawk
Great Blue Heron 2- observed hovering behavior
American Widgeons
Snapping Turtles mating !

2. Carncross Road Site;

Sandhill crane; HEARD

3.DEC Project Site/Morgan Road

Wood Ducks, 5 males

Spoke to DEC staff who kindly gave us information on local Sandhill crane nesting site, verified the 2 calls that we heard. Cranes have also been sited just behind the the local Audubon building off RT 89. DEC staff believes that the nesting cranes are not leaving the immediate area to venture off to the Main Pool or the Audubon site.

4. Auto ride off Route 20: (Center was closed by the time we drove through)

Green-winged teals
Canada Geese
Great Blue heron
Greater White-fronted Goose
Ruddy Ducks

5. Intersection of Rts. 89 and 31 at 5:30 pm

Eagles, Bald 2
Accipiters, buteos- too far up with eagles to identify :-)

Happy Birding, now back to the warblers ! Thanks Barb Beebe

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