Note from Barb


Several quick things:

*** I'll be away for a while (Florida), so if you have trouble or a question about HMBirds - check the eGroups Help/Info section. I'll be very interested in reading HMBIrds when I get back - keep those postings coming!

*** Sorry about the double garganey posting (my computer froze in the middle and I wasn't sure it went through the first time)

*** Regarding my query on the RBA notices: several people responded that they already read the RBAs and several more said they like to get it. I will continue posting reports that I think are "rare or interesting".

*** While I am thinking of it: when you go on vacation, change your HMBirds subscription to "read on the web" instead of "email" and then your mailbox will not continue to fill up - no need to unsubscribe.

Hope you all have great birds while I am gone. Bob will be home and if a super-dooper bird appears in our yard, he'll call one of you to put the message out on HMBirds. It better not be too super-dooper!

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