FW: Short-eared and Snowy Owls in Halfmoon

Neil Manning

Checked out the area in Halfmoon today at 2:00, but I didn't see any owls, unfortunately. I did see a light-phase Rough-legged Hawk off Pruyn Hill Road, just west of the intersection with Farm-to-Market. Oh, and still no Siskins at my feeder yet. Don't they like nyger seed??? -Neil Manning

To: hmbirds@yahoogroups.comFrom: grossman.bernard@yahoo.comDate: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 22:49:10 +0000Subject: [HMBirds] Short-eared and Snowy Owls in Halfmoon

Per a heads up email from John Hershey, Chris and I drove over toHalfmoon late this afternoon to look for a reported snowy owl andseveral short-eareds. We ran into the Don Gresens family while there.John said that the owls could be found in the fields around theintersection of Johnson and Staniak Roads. Shortly after turning ontoStaniak, Chris spotted the snowy flying low in front of the houses anthe left side of the road. It landed on the playground equipment onthe left side of the first house on the left. It appears to be anadult female. We watched the bird for a few minutes, then continuedon Staniak. After turning around, we came back to the Johnson-Staniakintersection, and I saw a short-eared owl flying in the field behindthe red barn. It disappeared behind the barn, then re-appeared flyingalong toward the snowy. We watched the snowy take off and chasearound after the short-eared. The latter flew back across Johnson andwas joined by a second short-eared. The snowy stayed by theplayground stuff.We were in the area between 4:30 and 5:00PM.A pretty nifty afternoon.

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