birdline report - 4/1/99


This is not a transcription of the Birdline tape. It is summary of some of the sightings that were called in to birdline during the past week. Please call the birdline (518-439-8080) for the full report.

Fort Edward 3/23 & 24 - eastern meadowlark, eastern phoebe, northern shrike

Schodack 3/26 - fox sparrow, song sparrow, American woodcock

Collins Lake (Scotia) 3/23 & 26- American wigeon, ring-necked duck, hooded merganser, common merganser, Canada goose, wood duck, rusty blackbird

Stillwater 3/27 - Barrow's goldeneye

Greenwich 3/27 - Savannah sparrow, American woodcock

Five Rivers 3/27 - golden-crowned kinglet, pileated woodpecker, American kestrel, dark-eyed junco

Coxsackie 3/27 - green-winged teal, greater scaup, bald eagle, northern harrier, American kestrel, American coot, American woodcock, iceland gull, belted kingfisher, eastern phoebe, fox sparrow, eastern meadowlark, 3/28 - screech owl, brown creeper, Carolina wren, golden-crowned kinglet, eastern bluebird, yellow-rumped warbler

Saratoga Lake (Silver Beach) 3/27 - gadwall, bufflehead, ring-necked duck, northern pintail, canvasback, common mergansr, common goldeneye

Hudson River (between Fort Edward and Schuylerville)3/27 - ring-necked duck, common merganser, hooded merganser, bufflehead, wood duck, mallard, American black duck, common goldeneye, American wigeon, green-winged teal, pied-billed grebe, Canada goose, snow goose, ring-billed gull

Fort Edward 3/27 - 3 short-eared owl

New Baltimore 3/28 - bald eagle

Gansevoort 3/28 - Eastern Bluebird, Common Snipe, Mallard, Brown-headed Cowbird, Common Grackle, American Tree Sparrow

New Baltimore 3/28 - great egret, 3/30 - common loon, double-crested cormorant

Albany 3/29 - fish crow, sharp-shinned hawk

Princetown 3/29 - eastern meadowlark, American kestrel, sharp-shinned hawk

Albany 3/30 - turkey vulture

Schoharie Crossing 3/30 - killdeer, song sparrows, red-winged blackbirds, Canada geese, green-winged teal, downy woodpecker

Fort Edward 3/30 - green-winged teal, wood duck, northern pintail, killdeer, American woodcock, northern harrier, 4 short-eared owls

Catskill Creek 3/31 - horned grebe

Basic Creek Reservoir 3/31 - hooded and common merganser, American wigeon, ring-necked duck, bufflehead, horned grebe

Saratoga Sod Farm 4/1 - 8 great blue heron, 1 snow goose

Five Rivers 4/1 - fox sparrow, hooded merganser

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