Fort Edward 3/30/99


3/30/99 Fort Edward: green-winged teal, wood duck, northern pintail, killdeer, woodcock, northern harrier, 4 short-eared owls (5:30pm - 6:30pm)

Note: I saw a very unusual teal today on Town Line Rd (at the spot where there is wetland on both sides of the road). Here is my untechnical description. It evidently is some sort of hybrid or partial albino - there is no such duck shown in the waterfowl book - interesting, none the less. It seemed to be about the same size as the green-winged teal he (?) was chasing. The sides and back were gray and the chest was brownish (a hint of chestnut). It had the same white vertical line on the shoulder as the green-winged teal. On the rear end, it had white (not yellow as the green-winged teal) and black. The most unusual part was the head: it was all white with a black bill and black "chin area".

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