Bald eagles, Kestrel, Coopers

Brabetz, Barbara L

Signs of Spring???

In he midst of all this wind today, two Bald Eagles were soaring?
(getting blown around is more likely) near a ridge in Lost Valley,
Montgomery County Town of Florida.
One was mature with full white head and tail, the other was an immature
bird. It's the first time I've seen them this winter.

Yesterday, an American Kestrel was sitting on a wire off of McKinney Rd
also in the town of Florida. A Cooper's Hawk swooped across a field
further south along the road.

Yesterday, I saw a chipmunk emerge from his den. I understand that they
are true hibernators. I haven't seen any since late fall. I scolded
him for waking too soon -- maybe he didn't get the memo from the
groundhog. I'm sure he's regretting it now since the temperature is
dropping faster than I can type.

Barbara Brabetz
Lost Valley, NY

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