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I'm a graduate student at RPI as well as a member of the
hmbirds@... group for the past couple of years. I
really appreciate reading all the posts, whether it's a report of a
rare bird like the Long Earred Owls (RBAs), links to incredible
pictures (including the recent hunting bald eagle - wow), or just a
note that others have seen redpolls, and I should keep an eye out
for them.

At RPI, I'm working my way through their Human Computer Interaction
program. For a class project, I, along with two other students, am
creating a proposal for a website that would be a one-stop site for
reporting sightings and posting pictures.

Possible features of such a site could include a place to keep a
life list, Rare Bird Alerts sent out by region, ability to post
pictures, bird club trip lists, and others that we think of when
talking about the project to birders.

As part of this project, we need to conduct research on how birders
currently use the web and email to report their sightings, identifiy
birds, or post pictures. We also would like to know how a site
could make these tasks easier or more effective.

One of the themes of our class is identifying and meeting the needs
of website users. Therefore, your thoughts would be greatly
appreciated. If you would take a moment to fill out our survey, it
could be added to our class report. Your name and email address
will not be included in the report and, of course, will not be used
for any purpose. Feel free reply anonymously.


What birding sites do you already use? What features of these sites
do you like? What features would you like to see?

If you don't use a birding website now, would you be interested in a
website for birders that could be used for reporting sightings,
particularly rare bird sightings in your area?

What are some of the items you take with you when you go birding,
and why? (Example field manual, notepad, binoculars.)

If a small, computerized handheld solution (for example, a PDA/Palm)
were made available for identifying and noting birds you saw, would
you be interested in using it?

Please add other comments on the way you use the web to support your
birding, and other thoughts on features of a website for birders.

Please return this survey to brijsmith@.... If you would
like, you could call me on the phone to answer these questions. My
phone number is (518)674-1247. If you know another birder who would
be willing to fill out the survey, please feel free to forward it to


Brian Smith
Averill Park, NY

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