Collins Lake


As of yesterday morning at 8 a.m. (things are happening fast now) the Lake was
about 35-40% open. More open water was alos marked by the first day of a more
varied asortment of waterfowl including

Canada Geese (upto a count of 92 now including neck collared geese L+Z and
XS2; this pair has been nesting at the Lake since 1992 {from "The
Establishment and Subsequent Nine-Year Daily Study of the Canada Goose {Branta
canadensis} at Collins Lake, Scotia, NY with Particular Focus on 1KA, a Banded
Female, Unpublished]; they were at the east tip of the island and then swam
just about 10m onto the south side.

American Wigeon 5
Ring-necked Duck 2
Hooded Merganser 4
CommonMerganser 23

Also a Great Blue Heron and true tooits name a singing Song Sparrow.

And in spite of the increasing open water
Ice Fisherman 1 (down from 2 the previous day;where is he?!)

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