barn owls to our south

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

I know that some of you do not receive NYSBirds and I thought you might
be interested in this: (a note from Claudia Perretti

"I don't know how close you are to Cornwall, NY. Perhaps you have heard
about the barn owl family that is living in the steeple of the St.
John's Episcopal church one block off Main St. where Hazen St. meets
Clinton St. We visited them tonight at 11:30 PM on the way back from NY
City to Newburgh. The steeple is lit up brightly by two beacon ground
lights so the four barn owlets are very visible and just stand there in a
line - like the picture books - making their wheezing cries, waiting for
mom and a mouse or two. It is truly a wonderful sight to behold, with
the harvest moon and Jupiter as a backdrop."

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