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speaking of Five Rivers, i had a Lincoln's Sparrow there this morning, along the beginning of the Wild Turkey Trail. Also, yellow-rumped warbler and blue-headed vireo, black vulture. Scott Stoner, Loudonville NY

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I’ve noticed several Lincoln’s Sparrows around my property the last few days. I’ve come to expect them around this time each year.

For birders who don’t see them that often, look along field edges and brushy areas. In my yard, they are often attracted to my flower gardens. If you think you’re looking at a Song Sparrow, check closely. They’re similar, with subtle differences. Lincolns are, to me, more petite and shy, with lovely buff and gray colors on the breast and head that Songs don’t have. Lincolns also have a thin white eye ring. They show a little bit of a crest when they’re agitated.

I think they would be relatively common in places like Five Rivers, Saratoga Battlefield, and Visher’s Ferry.

Good birding!

Larry Alden

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