HMBC Vischer's Ferry field trip summary


Nearly 30 birders covered VF mainly south and east of the Whipple Bridge for over 4 hours this morning. It was cool, but sunny, with some modest north breeze building during the morning. Collectively the group tallied about 60 species. Migrant activity was not very prominent, but we were eventually able to find a dozen wood warblers, with highlights including black-throated-blue, black-throated-green, northern waterthrush, northern parula, and a single wilson's seen by a few folks.  Other good finds included several white-crowned sparrows, and a few bank swallows mixed in with large flocks of tree, rough-winged, and barn. We had some distant views of spotted and solitary sandpipers along the edge of the Mohawk river, and then several much better views of several solitaries along one section of towpath trail. There were plenty of summer residents present such as virginia rail, rose-breasted grosbeak, baltimore oriole, and warbling vireo. Perhaps the most unexpected observation of the morning was a weasel running along the bank of one pond right at our feet (ID uncertain pending review of any available photos).

Thanks to all who joined us for an enjoyable Mother's Day morning.
cathy & gregg 

gregg recer
malta NY

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