HMBC Field Trips reminder- Sat., Apr. 30 & Sun., May 1


Saturday, Apr. 30, STILLWATER SCHOOL NATURE TRAIL/LOCK 4 STATE CANAL PARK (Saratoga & Rensselaer Counties; morning)

Coordinator: Naomi Lloyd 518-596-5964 naomi_kestrel@...

The Stillwater School Nature Trail has an expansive open marsh on the north side, with Green Heron, Virginia Rail, and Sora present. Least Bittern is also possible. The wetland continues along the south side but is not as open. The wide trail continues to the Hudson where it turns left and follows the river through a deciduous forest where we will look for migrant songbirds. We will then travel south about 1.7 miles to Lock 4 State Canal Park to check rocky shoals on the Hoosic River for shorebirds and walk the woodlands around the Lock.

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the trail entrance. Turn off Rt 4 in Stillwater at the road to the school complex, and drive to the end. The trail starts at a chain link gate.


Sunday, May 1, HANNACROIX CREEK PRESERVE (Greene County; morning)

Coordinator: Rich Guthrie 518-756-9094 richardpguthrie@...

On this trip we’ll be looking for migrant warblers, vireos and of course, (New) Baltimore Orioles. The moderately easy trail goes around attractive nesting and migrant songbird habitats with a scenic creek and waterfall. Louisiana Waterthrush nest here regularly and migrant warblers are drawn to the varied habitats along the trailsides. Let's see if we can add some interesting species to the Breeding Bird Atlas and to the list of over 120 species recorded for this eBird Hotspot. We will start at the main entrance to the Preserve. If time permits, we will also explore the trail leading down to the Hudson River where Bald Eagles and migrant waterfowl are often seen.

Meet at 8:00 AM at the main entrance, just off NYS Rt. 144, just south of the Albany/Greene County line (Coeymans/New Baltimore).


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