Great crested flycatcher s at Landis

Sue Rokos

Greetings, Den and I birded the Woodland/Willow Pond Trail at Landis Arboretum, after a slow start with the usual suspects, Bluebirds, red winged blackbirds, robins, house finches, mourning doves, we saw and heard a noisy house wren. Continuing on, across from the pines we found 5 ruby crowned kinglet s, then noticed 2 great crested flycatchers, who fled and had an altercation with another, possible flycatcher, they disappeared, and we enjoyed 10 yellow rumped warblers,  darting around the tree tops. At the willow pond, we watched a beaver swimming across, and a porcupine up in the willow tree.

Sue and Dennis Rokos

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