Saratoga Lake, SNHP, Gansevoort

Barb Putnam <bputnam@...>

September 17 -
Saratoga Lake: pied-billed grebe, ring-billed gull, great black-backed
gull, mallard, wild turkey
Gansevoort yard: winter wren

September 18 -
Saratoga National Historical Park: Canada goose, black-backed chickadee,
rufous-sided towhee, blue jay, goldfinch, brown creeper, downy woodpecker,
golden-crowned kinglet, pine warbler, PHILADELPHIA VIREO (my first in the
48 states!), American crow, cedar waxwing, northern flicker, white-breasted
nuthatch, blackpoll warbler, yellow-rumped warbler, magnolia warbler, grey
catbird, blue-winged teal, scarlet tanager, eastern phoebe, black-throated
green warbler
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