Acadian Flycatcher- Rensselaerville State Forest 6/8


This morning I found an Acadian Flycatcher singing infrequently, but regularly, along CCC Rd. just past the Scutt Rd. intersection, in Rensselaerville SF, Albany County. This is the same location a singing bird was found in 2020 by Zach S-W, and continues the general site-fidelity for this species since at least 2013 (eBird reports in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2020, 2021). The bird had gone quiet by 9:00am on my way back past the initial encounter spot, so it may be moving around the area. I was basically roadside birding, parking and walking, repeatedly. I did park at the Scutt Rd. (North) log landing, and continued down the hill on foot, turning west into the forest along the normally-wet, rocky, two-track road into the forest (it was wet!) Many Blackburnian Warblers and Golden-crowned Kinglets were singing, along with Magnolia Warblers, Black-throated Blue Warblers, and even a Prairie Warbler at one of the recently logged open areas. You will also not go wanting for singing Blue-headed Vireos, Brown Creepers, or Winter Wrens. Oddly enough, one species I didn't detect was Red Crossbill. I'm considering an HMBC field trip to this area some time this month, keep an eye out for details. 

Tom Williams 

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