Kentucky Warbler, Albany Pine Bush Preserve- Great Dune 5/21


While conducting a Breeding Bird Atlas survey in one of my blocks this morning, I stumbled upon a singing Kentucky Warbler. It sang repeatedly for an hour while i played cat and mouse with it, attempting to get a good view or a bad photo (good luck with that). It was actually in appropriate habitat for the species, namely the dense understory of a moist forest, which one normally does not encounter at the sandy Albany Pine Bush Preserve. However, there is a ravine that runs parallel to the backside (south side) of the Great Dune, along the yellow trail, which is up against the preserve boundary at the wooded area behind Prospect Hill Cemetery. It is usually quite wet throughout the year, and there is a small, swampy pond that serves as a mosquito factory in the warmer months. The bird moved around frequently, high and low, farther away then suddenly closer, and once thirty feet up in a vine-y tangle, but I could never get a good profile view of it. In the end it flew up to the nearest tree over my head, sang one last time, and moved quickly to the west along the trail. Or it just went quiet, but this was a bird that sang five to six times per minute, every minute, for an hour, persistently. 

I've posted a link to the eBird checklist that I created this morning:

Enjoy birding!

Tom Williams 

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