Century Run results

Larry & Penny Alden

Steve Chorvas, Jackie Bogardus, and I did an all-Albany County Century Run yesterday. The weather was quite cooperative and pleasant this year.

We found 127 species, but getting some of them was somewhat of a slog. There were no concentrations of warblers and many of the local breeders were notably quiet.

The only unusual ducks were some buffleheads on Basic Creek Reservoir, and we only found ring-billed gull for the gulls and terns.

We also found none of the later migrant flycatchers or cuckoos. Also no accipiters.

We got 18 species of warbler, which is a few species below our norm.

Big misses included green heron, winter wren, blue-gray gnatcatcher, and magnolia warbler.

Good gets were all three local owls, both bitterns, Swainson’s thrush, cedar waxwing, Tennessee warbler, and bay-breasted warbler.

If you were out doing a Century Run yesterday, please send me your results via email and look for the compilation of all the group’s results in an upcoming edition of Feathers.

Larry Alden

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