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What a wonderful surprise!! Let's hope it stays there. I haven't seen south of Washington Co. in many years.

Nancy Kern

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Earlier this morning, while running a route in one of my NYS Breeding Bird Atlas blocks, I came face to face with a Golden-winged Warbler. I was at the Albany Pine Bush- Great Dune unit, and had gotten around the yellow trail to the long, straight stretch behind the Great Dune. It abuts the dense, wet woodland along the southern edge of the property. So, clearly not the type of habitat to expect winged-warblers. With one exception, apparently. There are some apple trees growing there, scattered along the trailside for about a hundred yards. As I approached these flowering trees I could hear and see birds in and around them. Ruby-crowned Kinglets were flitting about, and a Nashville Warbler was singing. I raised my binoculars to eye level and the first bird that popped up, about twenty feet away, was a male Golden-winged Warbler. I nearly came out of my boots, and undoubtedly uttered some expletives. The bird turned from side to side, then moved back to the rear of the tree and moved along with the small flock of warblers and friends. I followed, and heard it sing once, "bee-buzz-buzz-buzzz." I quickly got my camera out and ready, but although I searched back and forth along that section of trail, I could not refind it. 

Blue-winged Warblers are hard enough to observe at the Albany Pine Bush. I've only see/heard five in a dozen years at APBP, and maybe one or two more captured at the banding stations. It's just not attractive habitat for them, even in migration. I asked Dillon about it, and she thinks there are some older records for GWWA, but they would be from a while back. Other new arrivals today were Magnolia Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Chestnut-sided Warbler and Wood Thrush.

Enjoy birds!

Tom Williams 

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