Re: Peregrine Falcon nesting at Thacher State Park

Sue Rokos

Maybe add the pictures??

On Mon, May 3, 2021, 1:36 PM Sue Rokos via <> wrote:
Afternoon! Just back from Thacher Park Hike, where we found a falcon nesting, walking from the visitor center, past first fall, and just before the second falls. Go past, up around the bend for a great view. She got off her nest and pooped, and the mate flew in quickly, then left soaring away. Went back to car for scope. Very cool! Also ruby crowned kinglets, eight turkey vultures soaring, two yellow bellied sapsucker s, robins, juncos, crows, and in the opposite direction from the vc, at the cliff end, a raven was going into the brush, possible nest?? The Indian Ladder trail is not open yet, but when it opens, wear a hat!

Sue and Dennis Rokos

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