Schoharie County Eagle Trail

Sue Rokos

Windy Greetings,

Schoharie County has an eagle trail this year, 16 viewing sites or hot spots covering 65 miles.

Interactive map, or pdf with directions.

The eagle nest by the Walmart, Cobleskill, has been used since 2018, and eagles are back in the nest. We checked out three other sites, and at #4 Eagle Hot Spot, Secret Caverns, we saw an osprey diving for an afternoon snack at the pond, with a bazillion tree and broad winged swallows tearing back and forth.(sadly no violet green swallow heading back west) plus a ruby crowned kinglet, song sparrow, two killdeer, and canada geese. Sadly no river otters, hawks or bears on their walking trails. Next trip we will head to Middleburg and beyond.

I hope some of you can check it out!

Sue and Dennis Rokos

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