Violet-green Swallow update - no subsequent sightings today

Richard Guthrie

The Violet-green Swallow that was photographed at Vischer Ferry Nature and Historic Preserve in southern Saratoga County this morning was not refound throughout the rest of the day today, Thursday, April 22.

The bird had been photographed as it perched on a branch along the old canal tow-path about 1/4 to 1/2 mile west of the "Whipple Bridge" entrance to the preserve (at the intersection of Riverview and Van Vranken Roads in Halfmoon, NY).

There was a congregation of about 30 Northern Rough-winged, Tree, and Barn Swallows milling around the target area. There was also a larger concentration of swallows at a marina to the east of the preserve and probably other groups out of sight along the Mohawk River.

The weather there was rather brutal with biting winds much of the time and occasional snow flurries with about a dozen or so birders toughing it out through much of the day.

Given the weather for the next day or so, it's unlikely the swallows will continue their migration journey soon. But the prospects of re-finding this bird is in the order of the needle in the haystack odds.. But there will be some of us trying anyway.

Updates will be posted as appropriate.

Good luck if you go for it.

Rich Guthrie
New Baltimore,
The Greene County

Richard Guthrie

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