Vesper Sparrows and Glossy Ibis pics


Ron H. and I stopped at the Saratoga County Airport late this morning and were dismayed to find a new 10 foot high wire fence going from Geyser Rd. down the driveway to the observation area/parking lot.  The new fence replaces the old fence which was only about 5 feet high, low enough to look out toward the grassy area where Grasshopper and Vesper Sparrows, and Horned Larks are reliably found during the warm months.  This new fence greatly hinders bird observation despite a kiosk which describes some of the endangered birds and plants at the airport, not to mention park benches.  Nevertheless, we were able to find 2 singing Vesper Sparrows.  We nixed our plans to go to Galway and instead went in search of the Glossy Ibis at Wright's Loop, first reported by Lindsey D. this morning.  We did get to see 2 Glossy Ibis and about 12 or so birders as well.  I posted a few Ibis pics to show the beautiful iridescent red, green, and blue plumage, even though the picture quality to me is a little sub-par.  We went on to the Stillwater Trail behind the school where we heard at least one Virginia Rail. 

John H.  

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