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My guess would be a partially leucistic Dark-eyed junco. That tail coloration is pretty diagnostic, and if it was hanging with juncos and acting like a junco, then maybe it is. Not to rule out other possibilities though, anyone else have a guess?

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Hello HMBirds Friends!

Our Southern Adirondack Audubon info email account received an inquiry for bird I'd help from a gentleman in Lake Luzurne. He was not able to get a picture of it, but described in detail as seen below. Any help or suggestions you have would be appreciated! Tough to ID from below, I know, but figure I try.
Thanks everyone!
John Loz

"saw a visually striking small bird I have been unable to identify.  I have tried multiple bird guides and Merlin Online without being able to identify this bird.  I'm no expert, but I'm not new to birdwatching, either. 
I saw a bird with a striking white head on Friday, April 2 in Lake Luzerne, NY.

It was amid a flock of Juncos feeding on the ground near our feeder, hopping and picking up black oil sunflower seed off our lawn.  Unfortunately, I did not have long to observe it, nor did I get a picture.
Its head and neck were a striking white.  It was the same size as a Junco, but with a more erect stance, similar to a sparrow or a finch.
I noticed a narrow gray band on the back of its neck and on its throat, although they did not meet.  Its neck was white down to the shoulders.  There may have been one of two other quite small gray markings on its head.
Its breast was similar in color to the lighter underparts of a Junco.  Its back and wings were blue-gray and heavily streaked.
Its tail was medium long, solid blue-gray, slightly notched and had two very clear white streaks on its outer edges or outer tail feathers.
It hopped out of view and I did not see it fly.  
This was the last day we had a large number of Juncos.  Our area is mostly forested with some open spaces.  
Either this was a very unusual individual of a not unusual species, or a species far from its usual range.
If you can ID this bird, I would be very interested."

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