Clifton Park Osprey, others

Lindsey Duval <lindsey.duval@...>

After spending a full day birding the far reaches of Columbia and Rensselaer Counties and seeing numerous species in natural settings it was quite amusing to finally roll into Clifton Park and watch an Osprey hunting the man made pond at Hannaford, surrounded by plenty of traffic! The Fish Crows made a big show of running it out of the site. I've seen a few other flyover Osprey in previous days.

No year species in the far reaches of Region 8 and I couldn't even find previously reported Savannah Sparrows at Ooms (Field Sparrows are leaking in), but there are still Red Crossbills at Hand Hollow. That whole area seems loaded with Sapsuckers and GC Kinglets and I had a RC Kinglet each at Hand Hollow and the Corkscrew Rail Trail, which had the highlight of a rufous Ruffed Grouse by some chickens.

Lindsey D.

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