possible Pink-footed Goose, Saratoga lake


Cathy and I are now looking at another Anser goose at the state boat launch at the outlet of Saratoga lake. appears to be a Pink-footed, perhaps the same as reported a couple of days ago by David de Siena at lock 2? with canadas on shore edge north of the bridge on the east side close to the corner of the entry road. 

this one has a dark brown head and neck with dark striations on the side of the neck, no white on the face, a stubby dark bill with limited orangey toward the tip. the leg color is more orange than pink, but some pfgo photos seem to show the color as variable. close views of some photos show pink toes vs more orange tibio-tarus. preliminary back of camera and digiscope shots attached. 

Gregg Recer

gregg recer
malta NY

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