Killdeer at Schuylerville school!

Scott Varney

Spring is definitely making an appearance today.  Found 1 very vocal Killdeer on the Turf Field today at 8:55 AM as I was outside teaching my students about Mendelian Genetics and Inheritance of Alleles. All of my students were happy to hear the bird as I pointed out that its presence was a sign of Spring!

At Hudson Crossing, the trail entrance next to the big gravel parking lot is hosting a very loud Carolina Wren right next to the outhouse.  

The river at Hudson Crossing is the stage for several Bufflehead performing their awesome courtship displays, with their heads flipping back toward their tails and their feet kicking up a splash of water over their backs all while making their "peent" calls.

Happy Birding,

Scott Varney
Salem, NY

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