Re: flicker abundance at Washington Park, Albany

zach schwartz-weinstein

Hi Cynthia, 

There have been several flickers overwintering in the park this winter.  My daughter and I also saw a Merlin in the park last week.  Between 2015 and 2017 a pair of Merlins nested in the park - successfully in 2016 (the nest was knocked down during a thunderstorm in 2017.). They may still be nesting locally, so keep an eye out as the spring progresses.  I’ve also been seeing small groups of Common Redpolls in the park, mostly across from the Broderhof complex on Englewood Place

On Mon, Mar 1, 2021 at 2:26 PM Cynthia Edwardson <Cjredwardson@...> wrote:
Yesterday Chris and I were surprised to see at least 4 Northern Flickers while walking around Washington Park in the afternoon.  I wondered if these might be early migrators or winter hardies?  We had 15 species there including a Merlin and a Northern Mockingbird.  We did have to walk carefully to avoid the dog poop bombs everywhere!

Turkey Vulture just flew over our house in Albany (Highfield Lane) and we have a continuing Brown Creeper near the feeders since at least January 1st.  It explores the same pine trees over and over for hidden tidbits.  So many new things for us after 34 years in Northern MN.  Fun!!

Birds may be blowing in the wind tonight!

Cindy Edwardson

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