Redpolls & Mixed flock LALO, HOLA & CORE: eBird Report - Coveville Road, Feb 24, 2021

Ronald Harrower

´╗┐shoulder. They were spooked a couple of times by cars passing and initially came back to same spot, then they took off and I thought that they were done, only to see them swing back to the roadies and land ten feet from my car. I carefully walked back, using the car as a block. It was fascinating to watch them so close by. Even when they saw me, they din't freak out. I got a full minute or more before another truck came by and they flew to a tree right behind someone's house. I know a national political figure lives somewhere in the area, so thought it best not to point cameras anywhere near houses. I got back in the car and headed East. I saw a few of the locals including a couple of Robins and Bluebirds.. As I approached Hanehan Road, Looked for a medium sized flock of field birds that has been pithing a 1/4 mile of the intersection of these two roads.. Sure enough, they flew up from the right side and settled almost immediately 20 feet on. I crept along and was glad of a hybrid (a good selling point for birders) They kept doing the fly up and down routine, with occasional sweeps way out over adjacent fields only to return to almost the exact spot they just left. I pulled over at the intersection of Hanehan and Coveville and took photos. I have been seeing one Lapland Longsput with this flock for a few weeks, and sure enough it was there. What surprised me was two Common Redpolls mixed in with the flock. I don't know when they joined the flock, or if they were originally with the flock of CORE 2+ miles back up the road. Fun the observe.
As mentioned earlier, I had to go home, so that was that.
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Canada Goose 8 Flew over the road toward the river while I was observi

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