Re: Vischer Ferry and Crescent Power Plants + Redpoll

Sue Rokos

Hi, we were there late afternoon, no bluebirds, but also saw hooded merganser couple, and a greater (or lesser) scaup couple, plus two bald eagles. There is one less duck, we saw one eagle keep dropping down and attempting to get a duck (up river, right by a snowy curve), could see the eagle swoop and drop, the rise up empty, fourth time the dark headed duck went down, then eagle swooped, duck rose and duck dinner. The eagle first took the duck across to the snowy river ice, tearing poor thing sort, then moved back to the tree where normally see them. Did not share with upper level eagle.

Sue and Dennis Rokos

On Sat, Feb 20, 2021, 3:27 PM Mark Silo <msilo89@...> wrote:
This afternoon:

Vischer Ferry: 74 common merganser, 100+ mallard, two immature and two mature bald eagles, great black backed gull, and four bluebirds in the sumac next to the parking lot.

Crescent: one mute swan, one ring necked duck, a dozen or so common merganser, numerous Canada geese, mallard, and crows.

My feeder in Colonie: one common redpoll and one Carolina wren

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