Re: Pine Bush winter finches

Craig Driggs

Sorry, that was the long and noisy untrimmed version!  These are the two good parts of the recording.


On Fri, Feb 5, 2021, 5:01 PM Craig Driggs <777216@...> wrote:
I stopped at the Albany Pine Bush this afternoon looking for crossbills and was not disappointed. There was a nice group of Red Crossbills hanging around the Madison Ave trailhead calling and giving good looks. 

I also heard, and briefly saw, a flock of 6-8 finches at Blueberry Hill East, beyond the first fork in the trail. Some were overhead and then they assembled in the upper parts of some bare trees before they flew off.  The calls sounded like Common Redpolls or maybe White-winged Crossbills. I attached two short recordings - wind noise is loud in the second one. I'm curious what others think.

Craig Driggs

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